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Today the production of clock - a very profitable business in this sector over the past five years have seen a rapid growth of trade. Exports of Swiss watch industry products increased from 2.5 mrld. dollars in 1986 to 10 billion in 2008, despite the fact that the main function of hours -. show time, a long time is not relevant. Entered into our lives mobile phones and smartphones, among other things, shows the exact time and, it would seem, there is no need wristwatch. Gold watches for men. So why do we still buy them? Why state leaders still give each other expensive watch? It must be in this for a reason. Silvio Berlusconi, for several years, gave Tony Blair dozens of mechanisms to keep time. Why American businessman Bernie Madoff Rolex bought 17 units and seven Cartiers? Gold watches for women. Why in Cheshire from the rich players often steal watches and not sports cars? Why do the pages of glossy magazines flaunt male celebrity with the clock, the price of which amounts to several thousand pounds? Watch shop. It seems not so long ago that my father gave you a gold watch for 20 years. After 10 years, you get no less expensive watch from a friend or a wife, or family members. By the age of 40 you gratefully accept the gift in a beautiful wooden casket with various compartments, padded inside with felt, because now there, where to store the "collection" hours. Best watches for men. Despite the fact that in the early 1970s, everyone thought that was the end of the watch industry, many as before, buy and cherish expensive mechanical watches. Then, in the 70s it appeared the first quartz model, it was a new technological achievement, has caused widespread concern. Buy watches online USA. By the mid-1980s, some efforts masters of the watch industry, a new design and marketing program back consumer interest in mechanical watches. There were mini-masterpieces, which combines the traditions of watchmaking, new technologies and unexpected innovations.

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There were additions to the watch-expensive cars. Luxury watches. Due to the special design, they are called sports. So, 25 years ago, Tag Heuer has signed a contract team McLaren (Formula I), and all the members of a sports team began to wear a watch of this company. Thereby products Tag Heuer has become associated with one of the most glamorous and active sports. Mens gold watches. The claim that the new technology will cause a fatal blow to the watch industry, was erroneous. Men now appear in society with mobile phones, smart phones and watches. Luxury watches for men. Clock on the hand, one of the few pieces of jewelry that a man can afford. They are a reflection of the true nature of man and style, and more talk about the status of men. In addition, they add a small dose of extravagance in the image of the owner. Mens designer watches. Hours - the most suitable male enhancement, because the bracelets can cause rejection, rings are not accepted by all, an earring and a gold chain may look ridiculous. However, Rolex watches Jaeger LeCoultre or gold, platinum or stainless steel - perfectly acceptable. Watch store. Director of the British watchmaking LVMH plant, Antoine Pin, believes that men's dress code has always been and remains strict. Womens designer watches. Cabinets can be filled with shirts, suits, sweaters and jeans, but the only thing that can express the individuality of man - is the clock. Swiss watches for men. Surely, those who earned as much denego that can afford an expensive watch, obviously has some really intelligent and guided in this very specific purchase motivation. So, for that kind of money, they give the prestigious Swiss watch their owner? Branded watches for men. Luxury watch - is, above all, the business card of the owner, some message to others. The watch can be said about a man much more than clothes or even a car ... and sometimes more than he wants to tell about itself. Designer watches for men. Luxury Swiss watch - it is, first, the rate of financial status. This is not the first thing necessary if you have nowhere to live you'll never buy you an expensive watch. Modern man in the first place will get a car, apartment and purchase of expensive Swiss watches will reflect only when all the necessities of life he will have. Mens gold watch. Thus, the clock - is an element of luxury and prosperity symbol. You can work out in the usual tracksuit or walk on the beach in some batches, but if you have at hand a golden Audemars Piguet, then you can safely "to finish" your portrait expensive car, country house, and other attributes of a wealthy man. Buy watches right now in our luxury web store.

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Social status. If you live in a remote village and work on the farm, then ... you hardly even read this article. It is unlikely that a person, surrounded by ordinary people will think about buying expensive Swiss watches. Luxury watch on hand means that its owner rotates among the same wealthy and advanced people, like himself, who can appreciate its acquisition. Buy watch online. Luxury Swiss watch significantly raise your status in the eyes of understanding people. Luxury watch on hand means that you've achieved success in business, socially integrated, so you can do business. Where it is important to trust, the Breguet or Patek Philippe on his hand can play the role of an additional safeguard your words - for a man who has only $ 30,000 a hand, is unlikely to be 'Mara' and the sum of their business partners. Buy watch. And if you watch yourself manifest as a person does not understand, that the interlocutor may have doubts about your competence and in other matters.

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Best men decoration. In fact, if we look at history, the stronger sex is never departed from the beautiful. Online watch store. Gold-embroidered costumes, inlaid with precious stones, weapons, uniforms golden buttons, epaulettes, medals, medals, insignia ... Sometimes the Cavaliers gold and diamonds have been more than his companion. Now, in contrast to women, men are not made to wear a lot of jewelry. Top swiss watches for men. If you are not punk, not a rocker, not a metalworker, the earrings, rings, chains, bracelets, piercings, etc. Can greatly spoil your image. Mature, wealthy man spinning in a decent society could afford very little ornamentation. Tie pins, cufflinks, money clip, pen, and, finally, the prestigious watch. Naturally, the prestigious Swiss watches are much more expensive than all the other accessories and attention to them appropriate. In fact, the wristwatch - the only expensive article of clothing, which is a real men's jewelry. Luxury mens watches. First, properly and appropriately selected clock shows the elementary taste of the owner. If the clock, even expensive Swiss, cannot be combined with the overall style, then either no taste or a person enough money to buy only one representative prestigious watches, and he puts them on all occasions. Luxury watches online. The rest we can talk very conditional, meaning that to produce a reliable portrait of the owner in addition to the hours necessary to know more details. In fact, you can say what qualities people want their watches to emphasize or compensate for their disadvantage. Watches shop. Watch with a leather strap prefer a subtler nature ... and often simply more economical (with a gold bracelet watches are sold thousands of ten dollars more expensive). Clock design, irregularly shaped or even a little similar to the clock. Such models are buying, what to emphasize their individuality, to stand out from the crowd, this is usually a very proud people. Watch shop online. Round the clock. Give out the conservatism of the owner or the desire to impress a reliable business person. Watches with diamonds. Here everything is simple. Man demonstrates his wealth. Luxury Swiss watch with a tourbillon, repeater. Man demonstrates his wealth "for those who understand". Buy online watches. Another reason to buy watches - their functionality. Expensive models can act as a stopwatch, a notebook, and even remote control. The watch can measure pulse and blood pressure, report the time in different countries and cities. Perhaps, in a few decades a person to commit all necessary operations will be sufficient to have a phone, clock and a computer to make a purchase, someone contacted or spend money. Watches shop. The rest will Appliances.

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Beautiful wristwatch can be a wonderful gift for your loved one for a birthday or other celebration. They have been carefully selected, carefully engraved and presented at a table in the restaurant for a glass of fragrant wine and romantic music. Admiring the views of the owner of brand new hours are the best gratitude for the attention and carefully chosen accessories. Watch shop online. Some connoisseurs prefer to collect original women's and men's watches, and rare models from well-known brands. The cost of their sometimes reaches fabulous sums, but many collectors it does not stop. Enjoy a prestigious thing and nice. Those who do not have that kind of money, is collecting less expensive, but still stylish and original models for all occasions. There is another category of watch lovers - the so-called "technocrats" who pursue fashion and regularly update its collection, adding to its cutting-edge models with a lot of "bells and whistles". Watches online shopping. Many manufacturers try to make this human weakness and happily introduce a variety of designs, using new technologies and unique materials.

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