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Jaquet Droz ‘The Lady 8’ Watch

Using one of the rare metals, one that has distinctive qualities, Vacheron Constantin unveiled the Patrimony Traditionnelle 14 Day Tourbillon Collection Excellence Platine. The timepiece has been issued in a limited edition series and designed with only the finest collectors in mind. Joining the ranks of the most exceptional timepieces, this watch is a culmination of technical brilliance in the major complication that is present by the tourbillon.

The Jaquet Droz brand of watches was born in 1738, when Pierre Jaquet-Droz set up his first watchmaking shop at the Sur Le Pont farm in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. This was not surprising, as he was born into a family of watchmakers and farmers; and it was under the tutelage of some of his older relatives that he learned and took a serious interest in clock-making and precision mechanics. Initially, he worked on pendulum clocks; before deciding to specialize in automatic mechanisms – a specialty in which he excelled. He created a series of grandfather clocks with amazingly sophisticated movements. He then decided to add music and automata to these movements, drawing the attention of wealthy clients.

Jaquet Droz 'The Lady 8' Watch

Over the years, he traveled extensively, all over the world, building a reputation and honing his craft. During this time, he partnered with his son, Henri-Louis and Jean-Frederic Leschot – a neighbor’s son, whom he took as his own, when the boy’s parents died. However, the company saw many dark times, with economic problems and a lack of demand for luxury items. In 2000, the brand was purchased by the Swatch Group. The Swatch Group sees to it that the brand’s products still reflect the exquisite craftsmanship and expertise of it’s founder.

Jaquet Droz 'The Lady 8' Watch

The company’s Lady 8 watches, of which there are three variations, belong to the Elegance Paris Collection. These pieces include a Jaquet Droz 1153, self-winding mechanical movement. This type of movement has mechanical parts – such as gears and springs – and a Mainspring that is wound automatically, using the wearer’s movement. It only needs to be wound if has never been worn, or if it hasn’t been worn for an extended period of time and has stopped moving. The Rotor – rotating metal weight attached to the Mainspring by gears – in the movement allows it to self-wind, while it is worn, by swinging freely 360 degrees with an in-motion wearer. The Rotor’s swinging winds the Mainspring, giving the watch the energy that it needs to run.

The three variations of the Lady 8 timepieces – all with cases designed in a figure eight style design – are 18 karat white gold, 18 karat red gold and stainless steel. All variations are 35 mm in diameter and offer the Jaquet Droz 1153, self-winding mechanical movement, double barrel, and 22-carat white gold oscillating weight. Each comes with a precious stone on the 12 o’clock summit of the piece which matches the watches face. The white gold version has a white pearl at its summit and a white mother of pearl cabochon. It includes a bezel set with 128 diamonds and ring set with 148 diamonds. The red gold version has a brown pearl at the top, brown garnet cabochon, and is set with brown garnets. The stainless steel variation of this watch has an aventurine cabochon, ball bearing at 12 o’clock and is set with 50 diamonds.

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