A. Lange and Sohne Saxonia Mother-Of-Pearl and Diamond Watch

A. Lange and Sohne are masters of creating pure beauty in their timepieces, and creative design that is breathtaking. Certainly the love of diamonds is clear in this Saxonia Mother-of-Pearl and diamond watch, but it is done so with such elegance and grace, everyone is captivated by how perfect this design is. The 18k white-gold case is featuring the same brushed ribbon on the band that we love, and at 37mm just sits on the wrist like a queen on a throne. The small row of diamonds that lines the bezel provides exquisite chic coupled with the mother-of-pearl dial that is simply flawless. To understand the difficulty of this dial one has to think about finding a uniformly iridescent piece of mother-of-pearl that is also completely flat. If that isn’t difficult enough, then it must be cut into a perfect circle without cracking it, and add another cut of the smaller round subsidiary dial, and then place them together. The complete timepiece is soft and elegant, encased with a automatic movement. So you have from the master of timepieces this spectacular timepiece, diamond-set automatic winding wristwatch for women, with a caliber L086.4 that is very impressive.

When Walter Lange took center stage again with his timepieces in 1994 no one really knew what to expect. Traditional perfection was what the world wanted, and yet they yearned for dressy and appealing with just a touch of wow. The designs the brand introduced covered every demand and served a purpose for the rebirth of this company. This timepiece was named after the founder’s home state of Saxony and captures the heart of centuries of German horological design and creation. The initial models were smaller, featuring a 33.9mm case and they were yellow gold with silver dials. Somewhat unbalanced by the big date mechanism and dial it just wasn’t what fans wanted. The brand reviewed and remade the piece removing the date complication and adding a new round movement.

The line continued to grow in popularity and design continued to improve. The yellow gold case and silver dial remained in production until 2007 and then they introduced a platinum case with a rhodium dial. As demand grew and design changes continued, they introduced a yellow gold with champagne dial, a white gold with silver dial and rose gold with silver dial. The brand continued to listen and design these timepieces adding boutique editions that featured pink gold and gray dials, and white gold with black dials, but still something was missing for the brand that they were searching for. As the design evolved they also made significant changes to the inside. The automatic featured a micro rotor for power and some included the annual calendar and moon phase indicator. The first automatic without a date display was crafted in 2011 and was much thinner at 7.8mm quite a slim down from the 9.7mm that had been created previously.

There were others that followed as the Saxonia evolved, the esthetic efforts to bring beauty and elegance to the forefront. The clean dial, carefully created by hand, polished and bearing an engraved serial number, a smaller 34mm case and the pink gold that reflected sheer and exquisite perfection encircled with diamonds and then inlaid with that mother-of-pearl dial brought about this final piece that captured the world and fulfilled the brand in their quest for excellence.