A Lange & Söhne Give The Odysseus The Titanium Treatment

Another Marvel of the Universe

         Certainly among the most admired haute horology brands, A. Lange & Söhne has established themselves as a diva in the industry.  The brand constantly pushes the envelope and shows creativity and craftsmanship both technically and in design aesthetics.  One of the truly magnificent pieces is the Odysseus, a very popular stainless steel sports watch that has been redesigned by the brand in the new limited edition titanium release.   


Anywhere, Anytime

         This timepiece has been crafted to go anywhere and anytime, everywhere the wearer might want to travel.  Designed with that in mind, the robust watch can handle most anything.  The A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus Titanium treatment watch can because of the construction feel invisible on the wrist.  The futuristic beauty is over 43 percent lighter than the stainless version and designed as a sleek and slim counterpart.  There is a presence to the new design, but it is a beauty that is subtle and superior.


Deliberate Design

         The brand decision to use titanium played a large part to the unique dial color as well, as they wanted it to pair perfectly together.  The shade of the dial is a icy blue gray, and catches the finish of the titanium case and bracelet just brilliantly. While the color is perfection, there is more to the dial than just deliberate design, there is an intricate beauty that you might not see at a distance.  The center of the timepiece dial features a granular texture, almost like sand, and the house track has been crafted with guilloche’d grooves that run horizontal.  The subdial that houses the seconds at 6 o’clock was created with concentric circles surrounding the center and all of this texture provides a dimension to the watch that is just spectacular.

Fabulous First

         This Odysseus Titanium is the first timepiece that the brand has constructed with the material, and no surprise that the bracelet and dial were paramount to the overall style of the watch.  A. Lange & Söhne has always worked to develop a total package in design and are true artisans with their craft.  The bracelet forms directly with the case creating a shape that embraces the wrist and just encompasses the entire design feel of the timepiece.  Comfort and exquisite design provide the anywhere and everywhere feel for the watch and provide that element for a client wanting the ultimate in a timepiece.  From the inside out, this watch is elegant and crafted with top-quality components that are the statement for the brand.  Limited to only 250 pieces this continues the future for Odysseus.