A. Lange & Sohne Richard Lange Jumping Seconds

The name Richard Lange Jumping Seconds watches reveals the essence of the new mechanism. Richard Lange Jumping Seconds - a new interpretation of the theme of scientific observatory chronometers, one of the typical features of which - a combination of outstanding accuracy and clarity of the dial move. Balance mechanism receives a stable portion of energy from one second stroke constant tension. A device with one second hopping, an integral part of this mechanism makes it possible to display seconds arrow metering time crisp-second increments. Platinum watch shell with a diameter of 39.9 mm, equipped with impressive dial style "controller". This model is released in a limited edition of 100 copies.

The judicious combination of the two devices are functionally complement each other - a special feature of the model Richard Lange Jumping Seconds. One second course of constant tension ensures superior accuracy of the clock, and the device is hopping of the second hand, forcing her to do for the moment exactly 60 steps (from a momentary Richard Lange Jumping Seconds arrow called freeze), provides clarity of the current time display. Thanks to Zero-Reset device with multi-plate clutch design clock can be synchronized quickly and comfortably with the exact time, because we need only to pull the crown liner arrows, the second hand jump will go to zero position.

Richard Lange Jumping Seconds - the latest addition to the collection represented by A. Lange & Söhne in 2006. The watches of this collection consistently implemented innovative designs that reveal new facets of the theme of scientific observatory chronometer. The device freezes drive seconds hand belongs to one of the classic devices of complex precision watchmaking. A pocket watch with a second hand freezes once used in astronomical measurements of the star and the solar time, as well as navigational calculations in determining longitude.

Even today, it is useful to track the relatively short duration of the time intervals of seconds to complete, for example, pulse measurement. A pocket watch with a second hand stands still played an important role in the history of A. Lange & Söhne. More developed design "one-second device freezes arrow" and ten years later only that the established Imperial Patent Office has issued the company A. Lange & Söhne patent for this invention, which was one of the first patents registered by this institution.

Most second range is at the top of the dial regulatory style rhodium-plated surface, thanks to this state of attention is primarily focused exactly on it. Scale of hours and minutes are located below smaller second scale, respectively, left and right. Refined platinum case with a diameter of 39.9 mm, emphasizes the functional character of the dial patterns.

Ten hours before the end of the power reserve background triangular window, which is located on the dial at the point of intersection of the hour and minute scales.

The design of the new manufactory caliber L094.1 overcome all the problems associated with the development of drive-stopping device of the second hand. From a technical point of view, the main feature of the new solution should be considered inventive relative positioning of the two gear wheel, which allows them to interact: the first transfer wheelbase generates a constant tension, the second drives the second hand freezes.

Thanks to the exquisite grounds of high watchmaking appearance mechanism perfectly in harmony with technical perfection watches Richard Lange Jumping Seconds, issued in a limited edition of 100 platinum pieces.