Testoni Ladies Shoes and Pumps

The Sole of Testoni

When Amedeo Testoni opened his first workshop in 1929 he had a dream of crafting the most beautiful and comfortable shoes.  As his dream became a reality he took old methodologies coupled with the finest materials and skills to achieve the highest quality products.  The artisan craftsmanship is the heart and soul of this brand, and the philosophy is sound building on innovation and history.  The patented construction known as Piuma Rapid is a process that is entirely done by hand, and results in a lightweight shoe that provides complete insulation for the feet from heat, cold and humidity.

Pump It Up

Any fairy godmother would have chosen Testoni for their Cinderella because there is no better fitting shoe for any woman.  The comfort of the brand shoes is attributed to the special soft kidskin lining, fitting your feet like a glove.  Boots, pumps, loafers and more, ladies are in heaven when selecting any of the collection shoes.  From casual tennis shoes, to an elegant ceremony, or business meeting, you have choices that are a perfect fit in more ways than one.

Fit For The Future

Testoni utilizes a variety of leathers for their creations, from calfskin to ostrich and crocodile you can count on the best selection.  With the hand sewn materials it is crucial they are tested for resistance and ability to be worked with by the craftsmen.  One very special detail that only the brand offers is a skill known as Filettone, reverse hemming, it is a signature mark that provides a special touch to the upper or elegant border to the cap toe.  Another very special detail the brand shoes reflect is the Spiral, a thin ribbon of wound leather that is applied to the sole hem.  Another signature detail that only is provided on Testoni shoes.  There are over 200 manual steps in creating a brand shoe, hemming, assembly, finishing, and then they are placed in the wheeling and stamping for the soles, trimming the edges and such delicate procedures that involve antiquing, shading and polishing.  The final stage for each shoe is the brushing that is done to create that exquisite finish.  The future is as bright as that shine you see on every shoe, and the fit and comfort are just simple perfection.