Arnold and Son Perpetual Moon watch features a three-dimensional big moon

The Arnold and Son Perpetual Moon watch features a three-dimensional big moon, the largest moon-phase tracker based timepiece on the market. Expanding the Royal collection, the brand has paid tribute to John Arnold and his early career pieces, some crafted for King George III and members of the Royal court. An exquisite and alluring piece, this watch certainly is at home in the Royal collection, proving the brand's expertise in both artistic brilliance and traditional watchmaking.

Both a technical and artistic piece, the timepiece features a 42mm wide stainless steel case, as well as an additional choice of rose gold. The watch is complete with the Arnold & Son 1512 hand wound mechanical movement fixed directly beneath the black guilloche dial, which of course is home to the large moon-phase tracking plate that is created from crafted silver.

Arnold and Son Perpetual Moon watch

The choices of either a blue or cream colored dial have been offered, and the rich guilloche dials are only one of the beautiful surprises this piece brings. Offering one of the most accurate moon phase timepieces on the market, the 27 jewel calibre movement makes up the mechanical structure, and the precision keeps the deviation by a single day only once in 122 years. Featuring the double barrel design, the watch movement has 80 hours of power reserve.

Arnold and Son Perpetual Moon watch

In addition to the above, there is a second moon phase tracker on the rear of the watch, bearing a transparent design, and only a sapphire crystal covering the outside. The Arnold and Son Perpetual Moon watch features a three-dimensional big moon that is visually stunning, the recreation of the moon was engraved by hand for the initial timepiece, and then duplicated for the series. This sculptured moon is then inserted into the disc.

From a technical standpoint, other than the remarkable precision, the complication is not just a module they added to the movement, it is fully integrated into the calibre. The movement is made of rhodium treated nickel-silver, and features hand finishing like that of so many of the finest timpieces. The strap on the timepiece is hand stitched alligator leather offered in brown or black.

Arnold and Son Perpetual Moon watch

The brand has designed three very distinct versions, the Elegant model, crafted in 18-carat red gold with a shimmering blue guilloche dial in a very stylish sunray pattern, a blue guilloche moon disc with gold stars and of course the hand-engraved moon. The Classic model is also created in the 18-carat red gold, but features a softer cream-colored dial, and the blue moon. The Modern model is much more cold in appearance, the stainless steel and black guilloche dial, with black moon disc and accented with a hand-stiched alligator strap.

Each of these pieces is crafted with such technical mastery combined with the finest in artistic excellence to bring the resulting Arnold and Son Perpetual Moon watch that features a three-dimensional big moon, the ultimate in precision and a perfect selection for men and women.