Arnold & Son Instrument Collection TB Tiger

The perfect combination of hand-engraving Metier d'Art and miniature hand painted by Arnold & Son. The latest addition to the collection of Arnold & Son Instrument combines marine precision mechanism with complication "dead second» (TB) and aesthetic perfection. The model has one of the instantly recognizable design Collection Instrument. Towards the center of the dial, located at around 9 o'clock, there’s a generous space wich creates ideal conditions for the location of the tiger image, made with the help of engraving and hand-painted with the application. To underline its exclusivity, this fabulous sample of high-precision technology and aesthetic perfection is available in a limited series, in the amount of only twenty-eight copies.

The dominant feature of these high-quality wrist watch is hand-engraved tiger application, made by master engravers manufacture Arnold & Son, which is then replicated for the entire series. Hand engraving is a traditional art form that uses the tools of hardened steel, so-called cutters, and other special funds. With their help they make cuts, lines and smoothing the surface to create the whole picture, or, as in the case of the model TB Tiger, tiger sculpture of 22-carat pink gold.

 A fascinating richness of detail and then duplicated in pink gold for the rest of the series. Once the application is superimposed on the dial, black tiger stripes painted by hand, which emphasizes the three-dimensional nature of the image. Hand engraving and miniature painting requires infinite patience and knowledge, and requires a lot of time and practice to the full possession of her.

With its perfect and timeless design the collection is obliged to Instrument timepieces produced by John Roger, son of John Arnold, in the later part of his career. "They have been specifically designed to withstand the rigors of life at sea," - explains Philippe Boven from the Arnold & Son, - "and provide precision" dead seconds "necessary sea navigators to determine longitude." The dead seconds "is currently a rare complication, since the combination with automatic plant requires enormous technical expertise. "

The caliber & S6103 works perfectly thanks to the patented system comprising a complex dual wheel, oscillating pinion and gear tray. Key components of complication manufactured using modern technology manufactory LIGA. LIGA, a German acronym that stands for Lithographie, Galvanoformung, Abformung - lithography, electroplating and molding - and describes the sequence of processes used for the production of metal parts from nickel and nickel-phosphorus.

Inside of the case is set the mechanism of A & S6103 made in the best traditions of Haute Horlogerie. All plates and bridges of the mechanism are chamfered by hand and decorated - one more evidence of traditional craftsmanship, which should manufacture Arnold & Son. Model TB Tiger produced a special limited edition in the amount of only twenty-eight copies.

The watch company Arnold & Son has a long and rich history. When you buy these watches, you seem to get in a time machine and go back to centuries ago. Arnold & Son - this is one of those firms that fundamentally made history. Creator Arnold & Son is part of world history as a great inventor and genius. By the 250-th Anniversary of the brand Arnold & Son company manufactures several models of the original clockworks. There is even a whole series of watches, which is dedicated to the founder of the John Arnold.