Arnold & Son Instrument DSTB

The rich British history and quality of Swiss craftsmanship pronounced Arnold & Son in a new limited edition model DSTB (Dial Side True Beat) made in white gold. DSTB watches - the embodiment of heritage, dreams and creativity Haute Horlogerie.

DSTB model, as part of the Instrument and collection, as well as any other model of Arnold & Son, includes the manufacturing of mechanical movements. Unhesitating the course of the second hand (True Beat Seconds) - Traditional complication Arnold & Son, and these watches pay tribute to the work of John Arnold in the second half of his career, when he and his son were the first developed marine chronometers in proper quantity at reasonable prices. These technically superior, widespread commitment chronometers passed Arnold & Son exceptional accuracy and solved the problem of determining longitude sea.

 Proclaiming this heritage, master watchmakers Arnold & Son successfully create complex watch movements for fine watches. This is the approach we see in the case of  DSTB watches - really innovative technical and architectural achievement. New automatic watch mechanism fully demonstrates the function of «true beat seconds» on the dial side. Not only the arrow, but the lever wheel and treated with palladium three bridge mechanism «true beat seconds» arranged in all its beauty on the front side of the model. A sign that the watch became even more stunning is the fact that the lever is in the form of an anchor - as a tribute to the achievements of Arnold sea.

Complication «True beat seconds» perfectly placed for the sapphire dial in the upper left side in the position 11 hours. Near 4:00 subdial dome, covered with white paint, it displays the hours and minutes using blued hands. The generous proportions of overlap with indications create stunning three-dimensional dial.

 This restructuring of the complicated mechanism is a concept not previously achieved in the watch industry. Caliber with Automobile A & S6003 consists of 229 components. In the true style of Arnold & Son, clockwork, coated with palladium, is finishing Haute Horlogerie, hand chamfering on satin arm and bridges, polished edge, fine grain, and circular patterns Côtes de Genève. External pallet blue dial processed by vacuum deposition (PVD), and has a large circular finish, screws with mirror polished head with chamfering.

Gorgeous model is placed in a housing diameter of 43.5 mm 18K white gold with sapphire crystal with anti-reflective and open to the rear of the demonstration perfectly trimmed clockwork and made of pure 22k red gold guilloche rotor. This series will be limited DSTB to 125 units - emphasizing the brand's commitment to exclusivity and excellence.

Recall that a major asset in the development of watch manufacture Arnold & Son is rightly considered the first handheld gauge number 36 with the function of marine chronograph. The revolutionary invention of Sir John Arnold, capable of measuring longitude at sea, has caused particular concern and recognition of the Admiralty, the British Royal Navy.

Mechanic Arnold & Son watches could compete in the navigation capabilities with the best ships of the royal fleet. The officers of the British Navy and the great explorers such as James Cook, John Franklin and Dr. Livingstone, praised the authoring Arnold & Son. In particular, the accuracy of the trigger with the axis of «detente», recognized association Clockmakers1 Company.

Making a significant contribution to the development of sea power, skill, John Arnold received the recognition of the legendary watchmaker Abraham Louis Breguet, and high praise of the Prince of Wales, who soon becomes a fan of all time at home.