Arnold & Son TE8 Metiers d'Art I Watch

Heritage and tradition are the foundation for Arnold & Son, and the English watchmaking giant has held true to that base for the TE8 Metiers d'Art I. The handcrafted and exclusive pieces will be limited to a production of eight. The brand took inspiration from the early period of John Arnold's life when he crafted pocket watches for King George III and the royal court.

This latest timepiece the brand has designed takes its rightful place in the Royal Collection. The elegant expression of sophistication, and the classic English style certainly demonstrate the artistic brilliance the brand is known for. The tourbillon complication is an intimate part of the brand history and their success.

Arnold & Son TE8 Metiers d'Art I Watch

The partnership of two exceptional watchmakers, John Arnold and A.L. Breguet brought about an exchange of knowledge, ideas and the passion for masterful creations. The new Arnold & Son TE8 Metiers d'Art I is both technically and artistically unique. The design features a barrel bridge with a three-quarter wave-shape, a spectacular tourbillon and motion-work bridges with a triangular shape. The wheels even feature a distinct three-spoke design, also found on the tourbillon cage and barrel bridge.

This latest design is referred to as an inverted tourbillon. The reason for this unique name is because the technical elements and visual brilliance are featured on the dial side, when they would normally be on the reverse side of the dial. Some of the other specialties of the design are the technical challenges the timepiece required, such as the symmetrical layout of the movement. The barrel spring and the tourbillon cage are centered, laying on the longitudinal axis of the timepiece.

The hand crafting and hand engraving that each piece has enjoyed is masterfully done by the brand master engraver. The Arnold & Son TE8 Metiers d'Art I is so unique they even created a new engraving pattern done specifically for this special edition. A very complex geometrical element rising from the center of the movement is the heart of this new pattern.

While some might not appreciate the engraving on this masterpiece, the timepiece is not made with the usual brass, but the movement is crafted from German Silver. German Silver is extremely hard, and requires the utmost in attention and exquisite workmanship to insure perfection. The traditional art form of hand-engraving utilizes specific tools and creates cuts, lines and texturing that results in excellent images, as the case of this piece.

The beautiful pattern that these pieces exhibit show the striking artwork displayed on the barrel bridge and on the back of the main plate. The detail and breathtaking work done on these limited timepieces is exceptional and yet expected from the brand in this and every collection. The master watchmakers never disappoint.

This revolutionary timepiece measures 44 mm in diameter and is crafted in an exquisite 18-carat rose gold case. The limited edition collection of only 8 timepieces is also hand-numbered by the master engraver, and will be a wonderful addition for any horological collector.