Audemars-Piquet Code 11-59 Tourbillon Openworked Two Tone Watch

Distinct Rarity

          There are a host of new Code 11.59 watches from Audemars-Piquet but one timepiece has captured our eye, highly skeletonized tourbillon version with a two tone case, making it both 18k white and pink gold.  The watch was designed to be modular, and crafted with different materials in unique ways.  Rare and very distinct in the workmanship, using the two-tone gold is brilliant.

Look Closely

          Looking closely at the design elements on the Audemars-Piquet Code 11-59 Tourbillon Openworked Two Tone Watch one can see the symmetrical beauty and exquisite hand finishing on the in-house caliber 2948 manually wound toubillon.  The case details are so intricate and eye catching with the skeletonized lugs that provide a more modern look to the classic round case.  The beauty of the 41-mm wide case that is only 10.7mm thick has been crafted in 18k white gold, and the middle section then done in 18k pink gold.  The hues on this beauty has shown a great use of colors not only on the fashion side but providing such great aspects of the timepiece at different angles.  One can see the silver-toned movement that showcases the 18k pink gold hands and balance wheel.  When someone looks at the watch head on, you see just a white gold watch, but you look from the side and you get this spectacular mix of colors that provide a dramatic beauty for this timepiece.

 Dressy Designs

          While the skeletonized movement on the Audemars-Piquet Code 11-59 Tourbillon Openworked Two Tone Watch seems simple from a straight forward engineering perspective, it is more about the construction and elegance in design that provide a decoration watch with a surprise color explosion.  The craftsmanship embraces the curving and circular lines of the movement from the bridges to the bold round shape of the mainspring barrel without overlooking the spinning tourbillon assembly.  Created with 196 parts the movement is truly breathtaking, and operates at 3Hz with 72 hours of power reserve.  While the brand has many other more sophisticated tourbillon movements, this classic timepiece is designed as a modern dress watch, simple and decorative without being over the top.  Keeping the watch clean and simple, the gray fabric strap might seem less dressy, but the slate gray with rubber coating is finished with a gold buckle and adds just enough comfort and class that it goes from dressy to casual without conflict.  The watch provides a elegance that is understated with a flair that always gets noticed.