From Russia with love — Aviator Professional

Aviator - is Russian brand of aviation watches, which is owned by the watch company "Volmax", which includes such brands as "Buran" and "Sturmanskie". The history of watchmaking air time meters starts in 1927. It was decided to set up watches production which could be equal to western analogs. Watch Factory was built, equipped with American equipment. Already in 1931 year the production has started to export abroad. In the same year it begins to develop special models for the Army, Air Force and Navy. Modern Aviator models have their own fans from the entire world. Today let's talk about men's chronograph Aviator Professional – the satellite of a real professional. Aviator Professional watches do not tend to stand out, the noise and bustle are foreign to them as to any other professional. The black colour of watches was selected as the primary in order to better understand what consistency and maturity are. Pay attention to details of this timepiece — faces handles bracelet, bezel lines, muted shine chronograph buttons, dial-style device, as if just learned from the cockpit - the whole essence of Aviator Professional. Contrast black hull and brutal leather strap or bracelet with PVD coating with white and gray markings of the dial will suit to anything. Accurate calendar aperture at the three hour mark is between the brand sign and the name of collection. Knowing person can successfully combine the watch with any clothes, even though they were originally developed for pilots. The relatively small size plays an important role: the diameter of the body - 42 mm, thickness - 14 mm. Weight - only 150 grams, fully steel chronograph often exceed this mark. By the way, the weight of Aviator Professional timepiece can be even lower - remove the steel bracelet, instead set strap calfskin. The design of the strap can not be called a familiar to Aviator, or other manufacturers. Unusual wide leather strap portion ends in a couple of centimeters from the fasteners. Watch sits on hand very convenient. We venture to suggest that this kind of strap is designed specifically to be worn over the sleeve flight jackets or overalls. A professional can not afford to become a victim of circumstances. Professional always well prepared to achieve his goal, he selects the gear, guided by common sense. Therefore, the creation of glass dial sapphire model Professional on Aviator production in Switzerland was made with great responsibility - a special anti-reflective coating protects against strong "light up". This is the best option for professional aviators. Imagine a pilot, carrying out training maneuvers in the fighter. In these exercises often used chronograph, and suddenly a tight beam of the sun "beats" in the face, making the reading of indications of counters chronograph impossible. This forces the pilot to start all over again. Professional Aviator model provides insurance against such troubles. Do not forget about the night flights, they require the highest attention. Fluorescent lighting illuminates the dial Superluminova dial without pressing buttons, no need to take your hands off the wheel. These watches will never bring you down in the sky, and also they can not afford any mistakes and inaccuracies on the ground. Men's Chronograph Aviator Professional - a professional tool. This faithful companion of the skies conqueror, but also for people who love  and respect the high quality timepieces. This watch is a great addition to any serious collection.