Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe

This version of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe collection first appeared in the case of plasma-gray ceramic. Blancpain brand presented a new version of one of its key models: Bathyscaphe Fifty Fathoms with deep blue dial, reminiscent of the depths of the ocean. It complements the plasma-gray ceramic bezel, fitted with ceramic inserts with blue liquid metal tags (Liquidmetal®), alloy avoids deformation. The case itself - a focus on the technology used in the development of plasma-gray ceramic production method which allows us to give the color of the noble metal shade. Plasma-gray ceramic chronograph has already been used in the Bathyscaphe - Commitment to the ocean, which was introduced in 2014.

The first model for diving Bathyscaphe Blancpain appeared in the late 1950s in male and female versions. To commemorate the anniversary of the appearance of a collection Fifty Fathoms, Bathyscaphe appears in a new variation, rising back to the first version. Clean lines reminiscent of its historical predecessors, arrows bear the traits of vintage watches, and the date will appear in a small window. The presence of the fluorescent label on the bezel that are used to improve readability when diving - a tribute to originality Bathyscaphe model.

As is the case with all worthy of the status of diving watches, each model is equipped with a rotating bezel, whose rotation is marked clicks when moving counterclockwise. During dives large second hand is an indicator of watch operating. Bathyscaphe Fifty Fathoms is waterproof up to 30 bar (equivalent to a depth of 300 meters). Automatic caliber driving the Bathyscaphe Fifty Fathoms - the famous 1315, featuring exceptional durability and chronometric data. Presenting an authentic technological breakthrough, its three mutually related catchy drums provide a full five-day power reserve with a guaranteed permanent energy supply.

The work of mechanism can be seen through the transparent sapphire back cover that allows the owner to enjoy all the modern and technical aspects of the mechanism. It is equipped with a silicon balance spring. The latter is an innovative material in the watch industry, which has several key advantages: small density, which makes it particularly light, resistance to shock and, at the same time nonsusceptibility to magnetic fields.

It is worth noting that in the beginning of the XVIII century, Jehan-Jacques Blanpen was one of the first who felt a great potential hidden in watchmaking art. The first workshop of Blancpain brand, founded in 1735, was discovered in the house of a watchmaker, in the town of Villeret. Since that it has began the great history of the oldest watch brand in the whole world.

Since the opening of the manufactory Blancpain watches enjoyed the great success, and the heirs of Jacques Zheana Blanpena tirelessly praised the work begun by their ancestors.

Through continuous innovation, Blancpain company strengthens its position among the manufacturers of luxury watches. In 2010 the company became part of the Blancpain Frédéric Piguet, which up to this point has supplied machinery and accessories brand. This merger has allowed one of the oldest Swiss manufactories expand production capacity in the Vallée de Joux.

From 1735 to the present day the Blancpain company, which today employs more than 700 people, constantly improving mechanical watches, thereby glorifying the craftsmanship of the brand's founder Jehan-Jacques Blancpain.