The Tourbillon Diamants Timepiece is a Testament to Great Artisanship of Blancpain

Certainly a watch can reflect the character and personality of the wearer, and is an accessory that gets noticed by the majority. So in choosing a special watch, you want to find one that is a true piece of art, a creation that is unique, shows skilled workmanship and a heritage that is built on quality and precision. The Blancpain Tourbillon Diamants Timepiece is a testament to great artisanship, and fits the description of spectacular.

This amazing creation is one of the most expensive timepieces every made, and certainly could be classified as jewelry as much as a watch. Luxury is apparent on this watch from the 480 diamonds encrusted on the white gold case to the seven day power reserve and water-resistant feature. The 58 carat beauty is stunning from the first glance. The dial is adorned with baguette diamonds that are set in a brick like design and set in the 40mm case. The white gold bracelet is set with even more sparkling stones, 42 carats that fit the arm in a dazzling fashion. The brand calibre 25A movement features a self-winding movement made of 239 parts.

The Tourbillon Diamants Timepiece is a Testament to Great Artisanship of Blancpain

Blancpain has succeeded in developing a great number of timepieces that combine the mighty tourbillon with other complications, and this masterpiece the Diamants is just another of the creative and special pieces that the brand has crafted. This will be a very limited edition piece and depending on the response from customers, could result in one or more being produced. The efforts that go into finding the stones, cutting them and placing them in the complex patterns that are created on the dial, bezel and crown. The design and hand work that goes into this watch is truly exceptional, from every stone placement, even the twelve lines of diamonds that are placed on the dial to serve as the hour markers.

Diamonds define this watch, they are the foundation for the luxury item, and the brand feels this is a important detail, giving it as much attention as the quality and reliability of the piece. The 168 hour power reserve on this watch is impressive, and because of the intricate details of the inner workings it is not surprising that a transparent sapphire crystal on the rear of the timepiece allow for viewing of all these features. While the sparkle might be a little deceiving, and one might think that the look makes up for a lack of precision, but that is not the case, this watch in its entire diamond splendor still is mechanically brilliant as well.

Blancpain loves the white gold and dazzle of the luxury timepiece, and it fits the very definition of exclusive excellence. The price tag also might be dazzling, but for those collectors who respect such high-end luxury and the clients that would not even blink at this cost, those are the ones that need to be ready for this entire splendor.