Bovet Amadeo Fleurier Watch with Chinese Dragon Dials

Mother of Dragons


Bovet, as a tribute to the Chinese, has debuted two new unique timepieces.  The new watches sport dragons painted on mother-of-pearl dials. The Amedeo Fleurier watch with Chinese Dragon Dials showcase the traditions and values that the Bovet brothers hold dear. While the brand was first registered in London, the company the majority of their business came from China. While pocket watches were certainly a main sale for the brand during the 19th century, the expansion and growth allowed for some of the magnificent pieces we have today. The tribute to a country and culture that certainly is a front runner in the brand history should be no surprise. While the workmanship and design of these unique timepieces has transformed the horological world, it is this intense detail that is the heart of this brand. The mother of these dragon pieces is the artisan that has to take a drawing that is around five times larger in scale and transfer it to the size of the dial. As the artisian factors in the shape of the dial, and considers the position of the hands, they have to then sketch it onto the dial, and then intricately paint the background, details and decors. As the dial is painted, one color at a time, the lacquer has to be fired in a kiln after each application and then polished. This time consuming process not only requires an abundance of skill and precision, but also contributes around 100 hours of processing time for each piece. 


Two for One

These exquisite watches are displayed in a 43mm case that has been crafted in 18k red gold with the crown positioned at 12 o’clock.  Bovet made this versatile design so that the Amadeo Fleurier Watch with Chinese Dragon Dials could be transformed into a pocket version, and why the magnificent piece includes a gorgeous gold-plated silver chain. In addition to the versatility for the watch, or pocket watch, the piece can also be a table clock.  Craftsmanship, heritage, and versatility are just the beginning for this elegant and beautifully crafted timepiece, but the real magic lies on the dial. The detailed drawings of the dragons is simply breathtaking. One of the designs features a light blue background, and a golden dragon, while the other features a gray background and a stunning red dragon. There are such intricate details on these pieces that brushes have only a single hair, and the thin gold hands created to be delicate and precise to prevent the dragons from being obscured.


The Heart of the Dragon

Each aspect of the Bovet Amadeo Fleurier Watch with Chinese Dragon Dials is designed to complement each other and bring an overall elegance to the entire watch. The heart of the timepiece is the in-house caliber 11BA12, bringing 72 hours of power reserve and beats at 4 Hz. Truly a work of art, this timepiece is for anyone who loves Chinese culture and or admires true art.  Certainly Chinese collectors will clamour for this excellent piece, as it embraces the beliefs and traditions of Chinese culture, as well the dragon represents power and good fortune. The artistic elements allow you to wear a piece of art and be confident in the precision and accuracy of your time.