Bovet Amedeo Fleurier 43 Meteorite Watch Review

Following in the footsteps of Bovet Amedeo timepieces the new Fleurier 43 Meteorite Watch is a high end luxury item in both design and cost. While it is not the first timepiece of its design it is one of the finest. This dress timepiece allows one to stand out with exclusivity and elegance. The style and design is beautiful and coupled with the in house movement the brand has created another magnificent collection.

There are many pieces on the market that offer similar dials and attributes of this one, but they are not this exact piece. There is a lot more to this piece than the obvious elements that can be found on other brands. The brand ha-styles a history of crafting very ornate pocket timepieces, and most of the other collections offer a ribbon-style crown that sits at the top of the case in order for it to allude the pocket watch look. While the case has a unique design, it is not evident when on the wrist and has a very typical feel on the wrist.

Bovet Amedeo Fleurier 43 Meteorite Watch

The Bovet Amedeo Fleurier 43 Meteorite Watch is created in a gray color, with the crystalline metallic structure crafted from a rock that fell from space. While this adds its own very cool feature, the overall design is aesthetically pleasing and despite the 43 mm size it is a very masculine design. The size is actually excellent for the crown ribbon as it lays nicely on the wrist and showcases the serpentine style hands on the dial.

Bovet Amedeo Fleurier 43 Meteorite Watch

The clean exquisite look of the dial face features Roman numeral hour markers, hands, a seconds dial, and the power reserve indicator. Each element of the face is useful, easy to read and while decorative, it is just simple and amazing. The case is probably one of the most interesting features of the timepiece. The case transforms, it can be worn on the wrist, or as a pocket watch, or even a pendant, but if that is not enough it can also sit on a desk as a clock.

Not obvious to most by just a single glance, the Bovet Amedeo Fleurier 43 Meteorite is an engineering masterpiece. Someone might own the piece for quite some time and not know it has this transforming ability. There is a chain that is offered by the brand for those who want to utilize the necklace or pocket watch feature, but it is a fun and effective timepiece. Finished off with a black alligator strap, the crown and lugs offer a series of five sapphire cabochon crystals. Limited to just 39 pieces, this highly exclusive piece is a must for collectors and horological lovers around the globe.