Bovet Recital 12 Watch, The Thinnest One Yet

This brand is totally amazing when it comes to unusual, unique and spectacular. Releasing four new timepieces in the Dimier collection, 11,12,15,16 with the Bovet Recital 12 Watch being the thinnest one yet. If you wonder why the brand skipped 13 and 14, well it seems that those numbers are considered unlucky in more than one culture, so not taking any chances. Sporting a new movement concept and this super thin case, the collection is one that will be setting a new standard. The timepiece is designed so that the seconds hand gear assembly is visible through the rear of the movement, so every spin can be seen and admired. The dial is also unique in that the seconds hand only has a partial side with numerals, but it does have a three-sided blued-steel hand which allows for tracking the seconds meticulously. The visibility of these elements, including the balance wheel is just genius for the symmetry and detailing that has be placed in the design. Set off to the right of the seconds counter is the dial showcasing the hours and minutes, an off-center setting that draws attention immediately. The black dial presents simple and legible Arabic numerals that are painted with lume to allow for ease of reading in the dark. The dial can be chosen in a black lacquer or in white, and truthfully is quite simple for the incredible standards set forth by Bovet. The Recital 12 watch also features a power reserve dial that is positioned above the hour and minute dial. The Virtuoso II movement is manually wound, but is one of the best. The movement is equipped with a power reserve indicator, but also a seven day power reserve. The basis of this week long power reserve has the movement operating at a 21,600 bph power reserve. The timepiece is a wonderful blend of quality features and aesthetic designs. The thin and small size of the piece wears well, is comfortable and can be used in formal or casual settings. The timepiece is offered in 18k white or rose gold, and can be a polished gold or can be constructed with a fully baguette-diamond studded bezel, a true tribute to the brand itself. Bovet is known for elegant timepieces, and coupling that with the horological brilliance of this piece, the Recital 12 is stylish and an overall masterpiece. The rich and exquisite personality of the brand helps to position this timepiece and limiting the relase to 150 pieces per each gold color will assist in making it remarkable.