Bovet Recital 16 Triple Time Zone Tourbillon Watch

Classic and traditional, the Bovet Recital collection is amazing, and this latest 16 Triple Time Zone Tourbillon Watch is exceptional. The collection is part of the Dimier collection, and is recognizable by the lack of a “ribbon” crown protector at 12 o’clock. So while the pieces are complex in design, they have a very traditional crown at 3 o’clock.

The timepiece is crafted with a mechanical movement named the “Calibre Rising Star II” which features the main city time and two other cities. The refreshing aspect of this piece is that it isn’t just another elegant timepiece, it is a technical masterpiece, and a brilliant design. The brand is similar to the collection in that they are unique themselves, producing their own movements, and many of the other parts, like cases, dials and because they do it so well, other brands ask for their assistance as well.

Bovet Recital 16 Triple Time Zone Tourbillon Watch

Bovet does not follow the trend, they march to their own drum and set a bar for design that is of the highest standards. From the top down the brand has a passion for what they create, a love of quality, a quest for excellence. The Recital 16 Triple Time Zone Tourbillon Watch is offered in two versions, 18k red gold and 18k white gold. The white gold model is crafted with decorative elements like mother-of-pearl dials for the secondary and tertiary time zones, in addition to a stunning ring of baguette-cut diamonds set around the bezel.

Bovet Recital 16 Triple Time Zone Tourbillon Watch

The 46mm timepiece is not a thin design, but that is what provides the masculinity the piece possesses and makes it a wonderful fit on the wrist. The rounded blue sapphire crystal sits as the cabochon in the crown, much like you see on a Cartier design. Adjusting the time is quite the excitement for this piece and when you see all three dials moving at once it makes for a very interesting site. The ability to adjust all zones at the same time is simple, and yet wonderful, and synchronizes the minute hands at the same time.

Bovet strives for functional, and exquisite in the Recital 16. You might think that having the other two time zones is helpful, but the fact they have their own day/night indicator and a reference city indicator, makes the piece a travel treasure. Since the zones are in a 12 hour format having the day and night indicators can be a useful feature in other ways as well. The pushers on the side of the case allow for ease of adjusting the second and third indicator faces on the dial.

The movement sports a 7 day power reserve and really showcases the open view as it has no real dial. There is lume on the indicators that provides good legibility and compliments the timepiece. Certainly the watch will be a collector favorite, but the brand designed this as a niche model for consumers who want to take a step into the luxury market.