Stylish Bovet OttantaTre by Pininfarina

The 83rd anniversary of the Italian design house, Bovet, is celebrated by the introduction of the stylish edition OttantaTre by Pininfarina. Driven by the quality and perfectionist passion of owner Pascal Raffy, the brand delivers the third tourbillon in the collection, uniting an equal match in the demanding house of Paolo Pininfarina.

The two houses combine to deliver tradition, avant-garde vision, technical brilliance and expert craftsmanship. This design and Haute Horlogerie are a showcase of the criteria used in developing such sophistication and masterful results. The identity of the OttantaTre is quite obvious as you see the 12 o'clock positioning of the crown and bow, coupled with the Amadeo® system, marking a Bovet timepiece for easy recognition. On the other side, the flat bezels, black cylindrical crown and black rubber strap clearly show the influence to the collection by Pininfarina.

The Bovet team wanted to create a new design for reading the time, the development and manufacturing of a tourbillon movement with jumping hours and retrograde minutes. The brand has a very specific method to their development protocol, and this method is one of the main secrets of the magnificent timepieces. Throughout most of the 20th century, developing movements, including complications and desired functions was the first step for watchmakers in crafting new designs, and then an exterior was created.

Stylish Bovet OttantaTre by Pininfarina

The stylish Bovet OttantaTre by Pininfarina and other collections crafted by Bovet watchmakers and Dimier take a different approach, they design the artistic and unique creation first, and then take care of the technical solution that completes the collection. While this method can entail far more constraints for the master craftsmen, it provides the exact balance and coherence of all Bovet timepieces.

Stylish Bovet OttantaTre by Pininfarina

On this exceptional timepiece the hours are displayed in the center of the timepiece. The jumping-hour numerals on the radial dial are literally cut out. As the hour numeral reaches its aperture, it is placed above a super-luminova dot that then lights up the time. The minute and power reserve indicator hands rotate on the same axis as the hour disc, traveling across a portion of the circle where each respective indication will be displayed in a unique way. Twenty-four times a day, the hour disc and the minute hand begin a new cycle by that jump.

In every effort to showcase the perfect symmetry of the movement, the second hands are complemented by the appearance on the upper pivot of the tourbillon carriage, and all indications are positioned along the vertical axis of the timepiece. The focus of the mechanical architecture is transparent, and gives way to the structure placed around straight lines forming a taut, angular whole. The curves in the case reflect the amazing ability to "square the circle" shown in the crafting of specific measure by the Pininfarina designers and the watchmakers of the Bovet 1822 and Dimier 1738.

Available in red or white gold versions, the stylish Bovet OttantaTre by Pininfarina is issued in an 83 piece Limited Edition collection, and are sure to be quickly purchased by those most prestigious collectors.