Breguet 7077 Independent Blade Spring Powered Chronograph

This year Collection Breguet "La Tradition" celebrates ten years from the date of issue. In addition to the beautiful models Tradition 7097 Tradition Retrograde Seconds and 7087 Minute Repeater Tourbillon, Breguet presents no less elegant watches Tradition 7077 Chronographe Indépendant 7077. The white gold case with a diameter of 44 mm Model 7077 has two completely independent mechanisms (gear system, triggers and springs its two main functions - permanent timekeeping and chronograph movement). But the best is to have these watches lies in their detail.

Inside Calibre there are two independent systems of gears, operating with different frequencies. Firstly, driving gears for indicating the hours and minutes are regulated at 3 Hz (28 800 / h) with a power reserve of 50 hours through a single spring. Chronograph movement - completely independent - regulated at high frequency of 5 Hz (36 600 pc / h), but that's not all. As a rule, the second independent system requires a second drum gear, plus spring to provide energy, and, in addition, a second crown to plant spring drum chronograph (in addition to the main spring for the primary system of gears). But not here.

With the release of Tradition Chronographe Indépendant 7077 watches, Breguet introduced a new type of spring - with bends on the edges of the plate - instead of the second main spring. Leaf spring - energy reaches its maximum potential with that of the reset functions of the chronograph - provides up to 20 minutes of the chronograph. As a small compromise system enables the chronograph to start instantly, without worrying about the available energy, because it will always be at maximum.

Using the principle of the leaf spring watchmakers Breguet has led to a number of additional new features, the first of which was the mechanism for continuous provision of energy in the form of non-concentric gears that work with the leaf spring, in order to stabilize the non-linear torque (ie, eliminate sharp Drop feed mechanism power over time ). As the very spring and a set of gears on the patent was filed.

Tradition 7077 chronograph function is controlled by two buttons inflate symmetrically arranged on both sides of the body. Unlike traditional chronographs, one button is responsible for the beginning of the measurement, the second - the mechanism stops and resets the chronograph. That is zero leads to bending of the plate spring, thus preparing for a new start chronograph. Titanium balance wheel is also equipped with two brake mechanisms. First, the cam releases the flywheel during starting of the chronograph and the second lock it when the chronograph is stopped. Thus, the balance wheel is always in the perfect position and instantly reaches the proper amplitude operation. This innovative mechanism is also protected by a patent, in accordance with the Breguet.

Furthermore, although the balance wheel of the chronograph model 7077 operates at high frequencies (and, presumably, must be of smaller diameter than the standard), it has the same size as the other balancing mechanisms; given the fact that the dimensions have been retained, Breguet is compensated by establishing the balance wheel of the lightweight titanium (also patented). Balance wheels with leaf springs and pallet fork made of silicon. Model 7077 is also available in rose gold. Without a doubt, this is an impressive set of features! Modern Breguet watches in the best tradition of watchmaking - branded, with a beautiful symmetry, mechanisms of action and excellent innovation.