Breguet Chronograph Type XXII, the First Series-Produced 10 Hz Chrono Now in Rose Gold

The Breguet Chronograph Type XXII captures the heritage and design brilliance of the brand. Launching an exquisite beauty in 18-carat rose gold, the unique timepiece still encases the brand chronograph movement complete with silicon escapement and the flat balance spring whose frequency has now been increased to 10 Hz. This remarkable movement increases the precision of an already impressive regulating power, now 1/20th of a second precise.

Breguet Chronograph Type XXII

Impressive is hardly a word that truly encompasses the amazing accuracy. The brand has taken the technological excellence to this level with the use of silicon, allowing for more lightweight components, and the ability to avoid lubrication problems that can be generated by the extremely high frequencies. So the wearer of the timepiece can accurately determine which 30-second revolution is in progress, the seconds appear with a red and white identification, red sectors for the first rotation, white sectors for the second.

Breguet Chronograph Type XXII

The Breguet Chronograph Type XXII is equipped with a fly back function, which allows the totalizer to be returned to zero and immediately restarted all in one action. Another exquisite brand feature of the watch is the dial that includes a second time-zone indicator, coupled with an aperture for a date calendar. The two-position crown resets the second time-zone indicator simply by moving the hour hand at center, without any effect to the minute hand. As the crown takes that position, the date calendar then responds with the time of the main time zone that is shown at center.

As the twenty-four hour indicator sitting at the 3 o’clock position notifies the wearer if it is daytime or nighttime in the region of the second time-zone, the nine o’clock position showcases a sub dial that presents the running seconds in the magnificent 30 second rotations. The timepiece is totally exceptional in the workmanship, but the true beauty of the piece is also captured by the craftsmanship the brand delivers.

The original design of the Type XX was developed in the 1950’s for the French Air Force, and brought back in the civilian version equipped with the self-winding movement. Designed for both men and women, the modern versions offer the same exquisite beauty, excellent precision, and now the rose gold captures another level of perfection.

The Chronograph Type XXII was crafted for complete accuracy and excellence, and the reputation of the brand has honored that tradition through the ages. Popular, traditional, casual and elegant, the timepieces created by the brand can go anywhere and offer affordability for all. Unmatched in workmanship and craftsmanship, the legendary brand continues to bring technical masterpieces to the world. Symbolizing the artistry of watch manufacturing, Breguet will lead the next generation of watches forward, as it has for generations.