Breguet Quantième Rétrograde 7597 Watch And The Frieze Art Fair NYC

Eternally Exquisite

          For more than 200 years the name Breguet has been a part of the watch industry and brought brilliance to every design.  Every year there is a challenge to continue that path, and from what the brand delivers they will well be around another 200 years.  Creating true classic designs has always been the direction of the brand, but they recognized the world is evolving and to remain eternally exquisite they must grow, they must accept change, and they must find the future in design.  The internationally recognized Frieze Global Art Fair hosts and exhibits art galleries from world renowned artists, welcomes art enthusiasts and general public, and shines a light on artists of the future.  This year Breguet made the decision to participate, and such worked with Pablo Bronstein to craft and collaborate on the project.  The artwork that he presented as a sample captured every detail the brand was looking for, showcasing horological brilliance and expanding on modern craftsmanship.

The Quantième Rétrograde 7597 was the result of the collaboration and the direction of the future.

No Limits

          As change is always a challenge for us as humans, the Breguet brand is no different.  So incorporating the traditional brand blue into the new Quantième Rétrograde 7597 might seem like there was no direction of change, but when you have a color that captures the eye, you take that into the future.  So for each Frieze Art Fair through at least 2024 the brand will display new artwork from Pablo Bronstein and of course new and exciting pieces for the collection.  This watch is not a limited edition, so another step for watch enthusiasts to collect timepieces of great desire.  The Quantième Rétrograde 7597 has been introduced as a 40mm wide, 12.1mm thick watch and a part of the Tradition Collection.  While elegant in the overall design and quite a wrist presence, the solid white gold case is a little extra weight to carry around.  It is comfortable and not something you would want to hide under a cuff.  The lugs are welded to the case, and crafted such that they fall in line with the edge texture.  The lugs truly hug the midnight blue alligator strap and just provide the perfect fit on the wrist.

Dial Heaven

                          The features on this timepiece are quite striking, but the standout feature for the Quantième Rétrograde 7597 and a part of the name it bears is not easily overlooked.  From the center of the dial and extending across the blue pointer date hand that offers two ninety-degree adjustments allowing for no contact with other movement elements in the date sector.  Allowing ease of contrast to read time, the character of the roman numerals and open-tipped hands is simple elegance on this dial.  The same blue treatment on the primary dial also spans the bottom half of the movement.  There is a screw down pusher that allows for adjustment to the retrograde date indicator, which has the unseen artwork of Bronstein. The features of the “Clous de Paris” provide a beautiful texture for the dial surface through a pattern applied through hand-guilloche.  The artisitic work that has been done on this dial face are intricate and exquisite.  The timepiece has a self-winding caliber, and Breguet uses silicon in the balance spring and inverted lever escapement in order to help increase anti-magnetic resistance.  An anthracite coating is used to finish both sides of the caliber, and has been crafted to provide a frosted texture that reflects the light as it contrasts off the high polish bevels of the bridges and screws.  The sapphire caseback displays the white-gold oscillating weight with a near mirror finish.  The Breguet Quantième Rétrograde 7597 Watch will be on display at the Frieze Art Fair NYC and is a show piece that will certainly take a place in the history for the brand.