Breguet Tradition Automatique Seconde Retrograde 7097

Breguet watches have always been special. Firstly, their mechanical filling consistently outperform their peers in terms of caliber in technical development (the founder of the famous brand - Abraham Louis Breguet and his followers belong to a huge number of inventions, including the self-winding device, shockproof device, tourbillon). Secondly, the master manufactures its products always decorated with inimitable grace: worldwide known Arabic numerals with twisted tail, the arrow with the apple and branded guilloche dial watch.

Out of three models, which is augmented with a collection Tradition in 2015, watches Automatique Seconde Retrograde 7097 is technically the most simple, but in the external showiness, they in no way inferior to any rehearsing, created by engineers Breguet on the results of scientific research in the field of psychoacoustics, nor unique in these times chronograph operates independently from the main machine.

The fact that the wheels, groovy drum balance spiral and trigger of these watches brought to the dial - the feeling of this extremely complex devices, although in addition to hour and minute hands as well as retrograde seconds function in other models.

Design and finish look like antique Breguet watches. Platinum mechanism and bridges decorated with the brand name "frosty" or, as it is called "granular" pattern. The wheels are made in the same style, which Abraham-Louis Breguet used in his watches which were produced in the XVIII and XIX centuries. On the bridge, the balance wheel can be seen as a shockproof "parachute" - a little-known invention of Breguet, are spring-loaded mount the stones in which is mounted a fragile balance axis (but as shockproof device in timepieces, yet used the system Incabloc). The dial is decorated with decentralized "Parisian nails," and time is shown blued with typical apple.


Watches are available in two versions: in pink and white gold. Case diameter increased by a few millimeters over previous versions, now it is 40 mm. The mechanism is automatic with the inertial load of the historic arched. Power reserve is 50 hours. Price is about 29 800 euros.

History of brand is replete with legendary and famous names of influential individuals, to give preference to watch manufactory. Among them - the Russian Emperor Alexander I, the Ottoman Sultan Selim III, the French queen Marie Antoinette and Napoleon, Winston Churchill and many other famous personalities. As in the past, today the Swiss Breguet watches are popular with wealthy people who know the value of excellence.

As a brand, it is a great historical and cultural heritage and at the same time to apply the latest technologies, Breguet always had insistent desire to innovate. Its exceptional importance in the history of European culture company owes to its founder, tireless inventor Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747-1823), who continued commitment to the highest standards of production of exclusive watches and staggering mastery of modern specialists.


Today, under the leadership of President and CEO Marc Hayek Breguet Company as never before appreciated the legacy of its founder. It offers its fans a wide range of watches, which combine sophisticated design with sophisticated technical complications.

Not only experts understand that to own Breguet timepiece means having something special. Today for many people originality and unaffected style of Breguet watches is a reflection of a certain philosophy.