Hands-On Breguet Type XXI 3815 Chronograph Titanium Limited-Edition

Family Tradition

The Breguet family is talented beyond belief, and while most often people think of them as a horological company, one of the grandsons is actually the founder of Breguet Aviation.  Watches however were the mainstay of the company and the original watches were produced under contract with the French government and designed with military aviators in mind.  The Type XX and XXI didn’t exist to identify a model but originally were a specification number, and while these timepieces are not the lineup of elegant timepieces designed with precious metals and crafted thin and exquisite they are the heart of this family.

Modern But Historic

          The new Breguet Type XXI 3815 Chronograph Titaniym Limited Edition is certainly more modern than the original design but is based on the original timepiece.  The movement originally developed by Lemania is a flyback chronograph, which simply put means when pressing the return to zero pusher, the chronograph totalizers will be seen to fly back to zero, and release the pressure on the pusher allows the timepiece to begin running again.  This specific feature was a integral part of the timepieces used for aerial navigation as it would allow for precise measurements.  Because of the historic elements, the XXI is one of the few new chronographs to feature a central seconds and minute hand, most of the new watches have separate subdials.


          The new Breguet Type XXI 3815 Chronograph has been redesigned to allow for the central chronograph minute and second hands to still be there, as well as the 24 hour subdial.  This spectacular new version has resulted in a two-register chronograph, center seconds and minutes, subdials for the 12 hour chronograph totalizer and a date.  Presented in a elegant titanium case, and set with either green or deep orange lume, this beauty has been launched as a limited edition with only 250 pieces of each color.  Striking in appearance as well as equipped with interesting movements.  The brand calibers 582 and 584Q are based on the Lemania originally used in the first versions.  The timepieces are built on a foundation of military and tool-chronograph design, reliable and sturdy, as well the movements now have silicon balance springs, silicon escapement components, freesprung balances, and hand engraved winding rotors.  The watch is the best blend of old and new technology

Worthy Of Wisdom

          The Breguet Type XXI 3815 Chronograph Titanium Limited-Edition is unique, considering the rare center-seconds and minutes design, the heart of the 584Q and the passion that went into keeping history with the old watch while making it better.  This timepiece is easy to read, has exquisite beauty, and the 42mm with screw down crown is a winner.   The brand has used wisdom in keeping with tradition, but worthy of excellence on the new additions.