Breitling Cockpit B50 Watch With Exclusive New Super Quartz Movement

Breitling has had other timepieces that were named “Cockpit” but none that were actually designed for pilots and made to be worn inside the very namesake. This B50 Watch featuring the exclusive new super quartz movement also is crafted with a plug-in that allows for it to be connected to your computer USB. Created with some unique performance and utility functions, the new timepiece is COSC certified and carries the homemade brand movement.

This design was specifically crafted for professionals, featuring a second time zone display, calendar, dual alarms, timing functions and some very innovative elements. For those who want more than just an ordinary timepiece, this one also delivers an electronic tachometer, countdown/positive timing system and aviation-specific time of flight functions. Now if these attributes are not enough for you, then maybe the additional items the chronograph sports, like the coordinated universal time function which allows for arbitrary time zone changes might sway you to take a closer look.

Breguet Classique Power Reserve 7137 Watch

Breitling developed a very sophisticated switching function for this timepiece, with the simple press of a button a person can switch pointer display time and digital display of the second time zone, and the date will automatically change. The other selling factor for this Cockpit B50 Watch is the high level of legibility, equipped with two black and white LCD backlight displays and a high performance system that delivers brightness and clarity beyond belief. In order to provide the best display clarity, the timepiece is also equipped with a tilt function, this exclusive system automatically turns on when the wearer's wrist hits a 35 degree tilt, the backlit system provides excellent lighting especially when in an airplane or car.

Breguet Classique Power Reserve 7137 Watch

One of the most outstanding aspects of this timepiece is the clever miniature rechargeable battery system that utilizes an external charging cable and transformer that can connect and charge with a computer USB. The system provides a charge warning for varying levels and alerts the user so that they are aware of charging needs. Certainly the in-house quartz movement is a highlight of this watch and considering that most of the high-end thermo-compensated quartz movements have been sourced from Swiss ETA by the brand it makes it very special.

Now with all the timepieces that Breitling crafts, they can offer in house or sourced mechanical movements, and still provide exquisite quality and reliability. To be completely accurate, the Cockpit B50 does have some parts produced in-house and some sourced from specialized suppliers, but all movements are exclusive to the brand and therefore allow them to call it an in-house made movement. This timepiece is extremely pleasing in every way, from the titanium case to the PVD black steel option, from the gray, blue or black dial, to the matching titanium bracelet or rubber strap. This is about a cool watch that puts us all in the pilot's seat.