Bvlgari Lucea Watch with Tubogas Bracelet

2018 was the first time Bulgari combined their very successful Lucea Watch with the Tubogas iconic bracelet to create five new models that are simply exquisite.Available in 28mm or 33mm models, and designed in the stylish stainless steel version, featuring a dramatic black lacquer dial or a white mother of pearl dial, and finished with a elegant alternating steel and rose gold bracelet, or a rose gold enhanced version with diamonds around the bezel and on the bracelet.Each of the designs features diamond hour markers and a pink cabochon-cut gemstone set at the crown.

The 28mm timepieces are powered by quartz movements, and the 33mm models are boasting a mechanical calibre providiing a practical date function at 3 o’clock.The bracelet on this timepiece was added not only for comfort, but provides the wrist with a more decorated band as it is formed using long bands of gold or steel, interlocking to conceal the inner structure of the bracelet.The 33mm design featuring the 18k rose gold bezel is adorned with that white mother of pearl dial, the dazzling diamond hour markers and date indication, then that 18k rose-gold crown is completed with the pink-cabochon-cut stone and a diamond.Combining the stainless steel and 18k rose gold intertwined to forge the bracelet just provided the perfect finishing touch to this beauty.

The bands of gold and or steel that embrace the steel core of this design has built a foundation and symbol for Bulgari’s distinctive style of jewelry and given prestige to the Tubogas bracelet.Industrial inspired design helped to give life to this bracelet, and popularized during the Art Deco period.The brand inserted a watch dial into a designed bracelet in the 1940’s to create a serpent watch and then revived that design in the 1970’s introducing it in their watches, bracelets, necklaces and rings.The fusion of the two designs really brought success to the women’s watches and these hybrids bring excellence that has been skillfully crafted with the precious metals, opulent use of rich color, and inspriation of timeless beauty.

The purity of lines and symmetry created in these timepieces breathes life to the heritage of the bracelet.The bracelet is named for the humble gas pipe, the springy and coiling design dating back to the 1870’s where the serpent form as a staple for all jewelry since Ancient Egypt found a new appearance.As the bracelet design could wind up the arm, it provided a minimillistic downsizing to a larger industrial design.Adding the watch dial and playing on the jewellry side of the design, a new look was born.Slinky and sensual, the coil offers flexibility of the metal and just the right tension to create these masterful timepieces.

The Bulgari Lucea Watches with the Tubogas Bracelets are beautiful and lend you to wearing a watch on your wrist that is just as exquisite as any other fine jewelry bracelet you might want to add.Make sure you take a moment to place one on your wrist, and feel the timeless elegance that embraces you.

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