Bvlgari Serpenti Incantati Watch

Taking the name from the Italian word for enchanting it is no surprise that Bulgari introduced this new Serpenti Incantati Watch since they are a world known for exquisite timepieces. Featuring the new motif of a bejeweled serpent circling the dial and set in a 30mm case, crafted in white gold, and encrusted with 251 diamonds that form the shape of a snake beautifully coiled around the snow-set pave dial, with an additional 116 brilliant cut diamonds.

The brand creations are modern, and quite spectacular, but dazzling without a doubt. The new timepiece is designed with an in-house Swiss calibre B033 quartz movement, featuring hours and minute functions. The case is mounted on a diamond-set white gold bracelet, presenting a stunning and spectacular watch. The brand research showed that snakes bring a strong attraction on the female psyche. Entrancing women since Eve in the Garden of Eden, the serpent brings temptation and danger with sleek slithering beauty. Elizabeth Taylor was photographed wearing the timepiece while filming Cleopatra in 1962. The actress was said to only know one word in Italian that was Bulgari! Her love affair with the brand lasted longer than most of her marriages.

The new release of this timepiece collection embraces the famous serpent in a new light, creating this latest reptile, a more modern style. The past designs used the body of the snake to coil the wrist, and the watch case was encircled by the geometric body of the snake. The Bulgari Serpenti Incantati has been totally redesigned and while still creating around the snake, they wanted to soften the design, and bring the appearance of perpetual motion which really brings the timepiece to life. The timepiece is just sensual in the design and took the inspiration from a vintage brooch of the 30’s embracing the Art Deco period. The brooch creation showed a coiled snake’s body crowned with a breathtaking pear-cut diamond. This new timepiece shows the snake coiled around the dial and then to articulate the scales, they are set with different size diamonds to provide dimension. The head of the serpent which sits to the left of 6 o’clock is biting its own tail, which completes the circle.

The new watches have been crafted in a very petite 30mm white or pink gold case and by choosing the different cut and size gemstones they work to provide a sensation of volume and motion. The rubellite and diamond timepiece has the brilliant-cut diamonds being used to craft the serpents body, and then crowned with a pink rubellite head. To complete this masterpiece the bezel is set with baguette-cut rubellietes and the dial is dazzling with snow-set diamonds.

The Bulgari Serpenti Incantati Watch collection is one that captures the past and propels it to the future. A brand never wants to live in the past, but they also do not want to abandon success, and so by combining past, present and future they have propelled the new timepieces to be the seductive, sultry watches every woman wants on their wrist. So don’t be afraid of getting bit, these serpents are a temptation that no one can resist.