Bvlgari Watches - Bvlgari Bvlgari, Divas Dream, Lucea Collection

The Silver Lining

A Greek silversmith, a gifted craftsman, Sotirios Voulgaris founded and breathed life into the magnificent brand Bvlgari.  The letter ‘v’ in the word is actually the Latin ‘u’ so the pronunciation is Bulgari.  The brand embraced a culture that honored history and heritage dating back over 2700 years.  An Italian brand that gathered ins piration from the deep Roman history and exquisitely designed it into their products.  From jewelry, accessories and watches, the brand innovation coupled with the intricate work crafted beauty that captured hearts around the globe.  The silver lining for this brand is quality and building upon dreams for the future.

Bvlgari Bvlgari

With every collection, Bulgari has provided a clear picture of their passion, showcasing the design excellence, total quality, and top service.  The brand signature is engraved on each design, the circular mark that defines each beautiful piece.  The Bvlgari Bvlgari was the timepiece that really helped the brand establish presence in the industry and distinguished the brand with that first double logo engraving on the bezel.  The brand always pays homage to those of ancient Rome, and just as the emperors had their names stamped on coins the logo carries the Bulgari name with every creation.  The dedicated craftsmen use their ability to combine watchmaking with jewelry pieces so that precious stones and brilliant diamonds adorn the timepieces with perfection.  Only Bulgari has been able to achieve such balance, combining two artistic domains into a fusion of exquisite beauty.

Divas Dream

As the name suggests, this collection was designed and crafted for women who sparkle and shine in their own light.  The Divas Dream embraces the inspiration found by the feminine beauty rituals as shown by Rome’s ancient baths and the lovely Italian women.  Driven by the same passion that propels  the brand, this collection is a celebration of glamour, shimmer and personality.  The Divas’ Dream collection glimmers from the creations, capturing such brilliant color combinations, and using gemstone designs that are modern and elegant.  Bright stones such as pink rubellites, tourmalines, and amethysts, adorn these beauties, sitting aside blue sapphires and glowing emeralds.  However the heart of each piece lies within the diva that wears the special choice from the collection.  Showcasing openwork design allowing each woman to shine, that is the true foundation for this real life dream collection.  

Lucea Collection

The brand launched another exquisite line in celebration of their 130th anniversary, the Lucea collection.  Once again combining decorative details and horological excellence the Lucea certainly has lived up to the name, derived from Italian word ‘luce’ translating to ‘light’.  A bright timepiece, taking inspiration from the sun, it also opens the door for the brand introducing a more everyday watch choice.  Bulgari has previously not offered a simple plain watch, and while this collection ranges from plain to ornate, steel, or rose gold with a diamond pave, it is an outstanding design with shapes that are not traditional.

Bulgari, or Bvlgari, this brand has been seen on the arm of more than one celebrity, and is considered fine elegant jewelry as much as just a watch.  Looking toward the future the brand will continue to be inspired by history, but never stop innovation to keep them in forward motion.