Get Bulgari Octo Watches At Stephen Silver In California

Know Where To Go

          If you are not familiar with Stephen Silver, you need to take time to get to know this family-owned luxury retail business.  A premier jewelry and watch retailer from Menlo Park, CA, the business takes care of folks in the Silicon Valley and across the United States.  If you are looking for unique gifts, exclusive finds, very high-grade jewelry, and precious stones, this store has a history that is clearly focused on these treasures.  Jared Silver, Stephen’s son was responsible for adding watches to the portfolio and one of the most important is the Bulgari collections.

Brand Favorite

          While Bulgari has many collections that fans love, and designs that continue to move forward, one of the most favored is the Octo collection.  Originally designed by Gerald Genta, the collection was originally released under his own brand, but in the mid 2000’s Bulgari acquired the Genta brand and worked to revitalize the collection with updates while maintaining the heart of the designs.  The collection has continued to grow under the brand and they have added a number of in-house movements.  Bulgari’s respected ultra-thin products are part of the Octo Finissimo family and range from tourbillons, perpetual calendars and even feature some minute repeaters.

New, Old and Next In Line

          With Bulgari you can always count on new models within the Octo collection, and limited edition pieces, as well as exclusive and exquisite high-luxury pieces.  Many of these timepieces are not available everywhere, so knowing what to look for, and where to find them, is an important piece of information.  Silver features many videos and details on the Bulgari watches allowing you to learn about the collections.  The Octo Finissimo Automatic Skeleton is designed with a black ceramic case, and matching bracelet, with this timepiece it features a red-accented semi-dial that is placed on top of the very open watch face, providing a sporty and elegant timepiece for your wrist.  The Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic Chronograph GMT is one of the most popular for the brand and is also a record holder for thinness.  It comes in several styles, has automatic winding, a chronograph, and GMT for a second timezone.  Quite striking on the wrist, and comfortable to wear.  For those global travelers, the Octo Roma Worldtimer is a favorite.  Featuring a world-timer dial displaying all 24 time zones is housed in a more rounded case, one sports a blue dial that is just exquisite.

Silver Is Serious

          One of the other most innovative in the Octo collection is the platinum case Finissimo Perpetual Calendar.  It is sporting the super thin case and the movement only needs to be adjusted every four years, and allows you to view through the rear of the case.  This is finished with an alligator strap and just showcases one of the many designs you can create.  Each of these spectacular timepieces can be purchased at Stephen Silver or if you have something specific you are wanting, you will want to reach out and discuss.  You can visit the website at to get a great start on your wish list.