Cartier Masse Mystérieuse

Magnificent Mystery

Cartier has released the limited edition Masse Mystérieuse, a watch that seems quite improbable and totally remarkable. The timepiece is an automatic watch which means it has a winding rotor, but the trick here is the rotor is also the movement. What? Capturing the imagination of horological experts and just watch lovers, this piece is quite captivating. One of the more dramatic styles in the industry, the mystery dial and skeleton movements are combined and two concepts that are rare to intersect. Integration of the entire movement and hiding the connection to the crown is a visual feat that provides a one of a kind experience for the customers.

Puzzling Perfection

Pictures of the Cartier Masse Mystérieuse are not able to bring justice to the timepiece, because they are static and do not allow for the movement swing that makes this piece take center stage. Thru the years the brand has produced other mystery watches, and several variations of the mystery tourbillon. Built upon the entertainment side, the mystery clocks and watches are quite intriguing because you are not quite sure how they work. It is like going to a magic show and being drawn in by what you do not understand. The inventor of mystery clocks was a founder of stage magic so it should be no great shock that these clocks and watches have been around since 1912. The Mystérieuse was designed at 43.5 mm with a 950 platinum case, very classical in design, dressy yet simple, a fully polished finish, straight elegant lugs, and a exquisite featureless smooth bezel. The very minimal appearance, with class and character, the traditional crown, and perfect polished ruby cabachon.

Do Not Look Away

The inner working of the Mystérieuse is where magic happens. What you see is not really what powers this masterpiece. The platinum outer ring is of course the traditional design Cartier is known for, sensible, yet very much showcasing the beauty of the finishes and images which include the delicate and raised Roman numerals, the detailed grained sunburst finishing for the hours ring, and of course the very clear defined transition to radial brushing for the beveled chemin-de-fer minutes scale. The sapphire disk is the core of the mystery dial design, allowing you to see a full view of the movement design while maintaining the key part of the gear train, allowing the connection of movement to the crown with the mystery gears inside the outer hours ring. The brand has maintained a very refined look, that allows this intricate movement to shine. Cartier has been working for over eight years on design and development of the in-house 9801 MC automatic movement that rests inside the Masse Mystérieuse, which is the heart and soul of this magnificent timepiece. The entire movement rotates on a central axis and to ensure it does not spin out of position the brand has crafted a very unique limited-slip differential system.

Complex Creativity

The brand solution to a guarantee of accuracy is more complex than the spinning movement. As the movement is rotating at an irregular speed in both directions so that the balance wheel maintains the vertical position it has shown the innovative concepts that make Cartier truly remarkable. Only 30 pieces will be crafted, and finished with a elegant alligator leather strap in charcoal gray. Never underestimate what you do not understand.