Cartier Prive Tonneau Skeleton XL Dual Time Watch

Times 2

Cartier has been one of the staples in watch making since the industry started.  Around 1904 they began manufacturing men’s watches and then experimented and developed a host of timepieces for the next two decades.  Many of these timepieces are still in production today, including the tonneau-shaped watch that was created back in 1906.  The Prive Tonneau Skeleton XL Dual Tiime Watch is a magnificent combination of past and present.  The dual time watches which were designed with two twelve-hour dials on the main face are not quite as common today as in the past.  However folks still need multiple time zone watches and providing a dual time watch like this one fills a great void.

Barrels of Fun

The barrel-shaped case of the tonneau is still a favorite of horological lovers but the narrower designs are certainly rare today.  A very elegant and distinctive design the Cartier Prive Tonneau Skeleton XL Dual Time Watch is one of the best.  Featuring a 950 platinum case the timepiece was crafted with a width of 29.8 mm at the widest point, and 52.4 mm long from lug to lug.  The case design is 11.9 mm thick and a sapphire crystal covers the front and rear of the timepiece.  Part of the beauty of this creative design is how the case curves not only on the sides, but the actual case itself curves.  That design allows the case to hug the wrist to perfection adding to the exquisite fit. The skeletonized movement adds a slight modern flair and finishing the timepiece with the blue alligator strap is simple elegance.

Sophistication and Style

The heart of the Prive Tonneau XL Skeleton Dual Time is the in-house manufactured Cartier 9919 MC mechanical movement.  Offering 60 hours of power reserve, the movement features 197 parts and two dials which also share the same gear running train.  The skeletonized movement is crafted with a very high degree of hand-finishing and a extremely creative design that partners the dials for the time as well as the shape of the movement.  While many tonneau shaped timepieces look similar, many of them have round movements which can cause the design to be much wider.  The functionality of the timepiece is very different from a normal watch and the dials for the time are independent of each other.  The Cartier is a beautiful and elegant watch, it is not a sporty design, it is classic and modern, and simple.  This timepiece really is impressive in many ways and is attractive to those who are looking for a timepiece that works for them, in more than one way.