Cartier Rotonde Masse Mystérieuse Watch: An Enigmatic Masterpiece

Cartier is a brand renowned for creating exceptional timepieces that combine classic elegance with innovative design. One such watch is the Cartier Rotonde Masse Mystérieuse, which captivates watch enthusiasts with its enigmatic appearance and unique timekeeping mechanism.

A Floating Dial

The Cartier Rotonde Masse Mystérieuse watch features a 43.5mm platinum case with a sapphire crystal back that reveals intricate movement. The dial, made of brass, is suspended in the center of the case, and appears to be floating in mid-air. The sword-shaped hands, also made of polished gray steel, are connected to two visible gear trains that seem to have no connection to each other. The watch is powered by the Cartier Caliber 9801 MC, which is a manually wound movement with 435 parts including 43 rubies.

The Mysterious Movement

The most fascinating aspect of this watch is its unique timekeeping mechanism. The movement is comprised of two separate gear trains, one for the hour and minute hands and another for the escapement. The gear trains are mounted on clear sapphire discs and are suspended in mid-air by four sapphire bridges. The bridges, which are invisible from the front, are only visible from the back of the watch. The escapement and balance wheel appear to be floating in the center of the dial with no visible connection to the rest of the movement.

Precision and Durability

The Cartier Rotonde Masse Mystérieuse watch has a power reserve of approximately 42 hours and is water-resistant up to 30 meters. The crown, which has a red ruby, is used to set the time, and wind the movement. The watch comes with a black/dark gray alligator strap and a folding clasp in platinum.

Horological Engineering at its Finest

The Cartier Rotonde Masse Mystérieuse watch is a masterpiece of horological engineering and design. Its enigmatic appearance and unique timekeeping mechanism make it a true collector's item. The watch is perfect for those who appreciate the art of watchmaking and want to add a unique piece to their collection. The watch is a true testament to Cartier's legacy of creating exceptional timepieces that stand the test of time.