The Unique World Of The Cartier Crash Diamond Set Ladies` Watches

Sometimes the inspiration for a timepiece design can be done completely by accident. But if that accident happens to be in the right place at the right time, then a sensation is born. The first line of Cartier Crash watches came out in 1967, and they have an interesting, if not intense, story that goes with them. It seems that a former Cartier executive was involved in a fiery car crash while wearing a Bagnoire Alongee piece. The Alongee had an oval shape that was deformed in the fire. The result was something out of a surreal painting and it struck a chord with the Cartier brass.

Cartier Crash Diamond Set Ladies` Watches

The melted oval was introduced into the psychedelic 1960`s when the Pink Floyd was the band to listen to and all of the art was either abstract or surreal. In 1967, this kind of a timepiece took off like a shot and become extremely popular. As with most watchmaker`s models, this was only made for the one year and then it was temporarily discontinued. It was revived again in 1991and, once again, it became extremely popular.

Cartier Crash Diamond White Gold Watch With Gem Set Bracelet

The look of the Crash is like no other piece you will ever see. The entire timepiece looks like it was placed in a furnace and melted. The face, the shell and the sapphire crystal covering are all altered to match that melted look. When the watch was reintroduced again, the watchmaker added a diamond border to the watch and the Crash Diamond Set was born. Just as it was the last couple of times the model was introduced, this version is taking off like a shot and becoming extremely popular.

Cartier Crash Diamond Pink Gold Watch

The Crash Diamond Set comes in three versions; 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold or 18k white gold. The rose gold model is the one set with rose colored diamonds for added effect. The luxury watch itself is elegant with very limited functionality. As with most elegant ladies` models, this one just tells the time. It can be customized with a variety of colored straps to help add a little personality to a timepiece that already has a lot of personality.

If you are looking for something truly different, then you need the Crash Diamond Set Ladies` wristwatch. It may have been born of some difficult circumstances, but it is definitely a watch that has made its mark and has withstood the test of time.