Tortue XXL Multiple Time Zones Watch by Cartier

The Cartier Tortue XXL Multiple Time Zones Watch is more than a timepiece, it is an artistry of perfection that captures excellence. A world timekeeping piece, the Tortue offers amazing GMT complication that when viewed from the side offers the wearer a small window for viewing a selectable range of cities and the local time zone. Cartier Tortue XXL Multiple Time Zones Watch Showcasing the specific brand movement, invented and developed by Cartier, there are original features of the multiple time zone complication: automatic adjustments for summer and winter time, lateral cities disc, and indication of your “home” time by a twenty-four hour hand. Each feature plays an integral part in the brands worldwide level of perfection. Cartier Tortue XXL Multiple Time Zones Watch The collections the brand has introduced through the years have always been crafted with elegance and precision, creating a reputation that has circled the globe. An integral part of the movement that allows changing time zones to be done with ease is the lateral cities disc. Designed with a multi-level dial, there is an intricately drawn world map that reflects a day/night hand for ease of reading. The Cartier Tortue XXL Multiple Time Zones bears a resemblance to the Cartier Roadster, but the shape of the case is truthfully the only real similarity. The watch is a master creation, crafted from solid gold, and in some models encrusted with exquisite diamonds on the beautifully designed case. The collection has been created with manual winding movement, a design crafted with sophistication, and technology sealed in perfection. The brand reputation stands for quality and precision, in addition to style and design elegance. This particular collection stands out above all others in the brand, not only because of the outer beauty of the piece, but the masterpiece of design that is the inner mechanical movements. Louis Cartier brought life to technological brilliance in his timepieces, this wristwatch is the perfect balance, aesthetically perfect, functionally precise. The watches for sale in the collection are affordable, and yet capture all aspects of the timeless brand reputation. The overall design of the timepiece is crafted with genius. Recognized for the blued steel apple shaped hands, the brand brings quality to each and every timepiece. The Tortue XXL Multiple Time Zones Watch has carefully designed spherical curves, precision excellence that is true to every timepiece crafted and a respect that only comes with the historical reputation. Every model for sale in the collection has the transparent sapphire crystal back, just a simplistic elegance that each one possesses. Since 1912 the brand has stood for quality, and that is still true today. When you purchase a wristwatch, you should select the brand that will compliment your life, allowing for leisure or luxury, but always standing for precision.