2013 Chanel Premiere Flying Tourbillon

Chanel is known around the globe for high-fashion, specializing in haute couture, and luxury accessories. Founded in 1909 by Coco, the brand is headquartered in Paris, France. In 2012 at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, the brand was honored with their Premiere Flying Tourbillon being voted the best ladies watch of the year. To honor that prestigious award, the elegant brand is introducing an exclusive limited edition 2013 Chanel Premiere Flying Tourbillon, manufactured in only 5 units of each type.

Designed and crafted by expert Swiss watchmakers, the exquisite timepieces are being offered in two very distinct versions, with the color of the 39 sapphires being a most identifying factor. Watchmakers Renaud & Papi gave careful consideration to the design, incorporating their inspiration to do an octagonal design, to showcase the brands famous No. 5 perfume bottle stopper.

Encased in 18k white gold, the timepieces are set with either blue or pink sapphires on the case, and then feature an additional 112 baguette cut stones, again in blue or pink sapphire sitting on the bezel. A combination of timekeeping excellence and fashion jewelry, the watches are truly breathtaking. The dials of the watches feature a white or black ceramic dial with gold hour markers and are adorned with diamonds in the form of camellia motifs, a tribute to the brand founder.

2013 Chanel Premiere Flying Tourbillon

To complete the jeweled timepieces, the pink version is complimented with a white strap, and the blue version a black strap. A vision of sophistication, and opulence, the timepieces are remarkable in their inner workings, even more so than the perfection to beauty presented by the outer casing.

The traditional Tourbillon while a brilliant piece of work, is not near as complex as the 2013 Chanel Premiere Flying Tourbillon. In a traditional Tourbillon, the unit that regulates the watch turns between the base of the movement, being the bottom-plate and the upper bridge, together holding the frame on its axis. This rotation, by varying the positions of the regulating unit are what compensate for the effects of the earth’s gravitational pull. The Flying version does not have the upper bridge, and therefore enhances the overall aesthetics of the timepiece, because the frame reflects a revolution that is weightless.

In order for the Tourbillon to still resist impact as well as the traditional version the frame construction had to be perfection. What resulted is a true marvel of mechanical watch making brilliance that delivers this magnificent timepiece. Each piece is manufactured with a manual winding mechanical movement, a 40 hour power reserve, a shock proof system on the balance that is complete with variable inertia movement.

The watches are encrusted with brilliant-cut diamonds, baguette-cut sapphires and set in the 18k white gold cases that present the limited edition collections perfectly. Certainly a timepiece that is reliable, constructed with quality and precision, with the perfect flair for high fashion. The 2013 Chanel Premiere Flying Tourbillon is a great selection for a gift or an addition to a collection of the finest timepieces.