Chanel brand new Sous le Signe du Lion Collection

The Chanel Sous le Signe du Lion Collection is the brand’s exclusive jewelry collection. As with all the brand jewelry collections they carry a theme that links to some element of Gabrielle Chanel's life. This collection features the beloved lion, since Mademoiselle Chanel was born under the star sign of Leo. The symbol of St. Mark, the patron saint of Venice and also a symbol of power.

Inspired by the rich gold tiles of the church cupolas, the exquisite beauty of the Palo d'Oro altar piece, and the amazing lions that are showcased on every building, and monument in the city, Gabrielle utilized the figure for decorating buttons, handbag clasps, and brooches as well as her apartment. The inspiration she used in her development, took a entirely new path, and this collection was born.

Chanel brand new Sous le Signe du Lion Collection

Capturing the strength and beauty of the king of the jungle, Chanel’s Sous le Signe du Lion Collection features 58 pieces of medallion style necklaces, colored rope pearls, and wonderful brooches, as well as other striking pieces. While there are many pieces that reflect the essence of this magnificent collection, the “Lion Royal' in platinum, white gold and diamonds is the star creation of the collection.

This piece is as surprising as the Mademoiselle herself. The transformable necklace is completely set with diamonds and can be work as a shorter necklace, or the head can be detached and worn as a brooch. There is a pair of pendant earrings that share the same theme. The entire collection is a statement of the technical mastery of the brand, and certainly the design and beauty that has been created in each of the pieces.

Chanel brand new Sous le Signe du Lion Collection

Another highlight of the collection is the Lion Rugissant, a ring with a lion figure set to pounce, set in white gold, adorned with diamonds and onyx, it is breathtaking. Of course the collection had to craft a piece that represented a lion from the Venice apartment, and the Lion Celeste was born. A brooch that was crafted from white gold, embellished with diamonds, and the paw setting on the Globe.

The Chanel brand new Sous le Signe du Lion Collection certainly captured the heart and spirit of Gabrielle's vision. Each and every piece in the collection of course features a lion, and is adorned with sparkling and stunning jewels. Diamonds, sapphires, topaz and more, you could never imagine such magnificence. The brand has delivered a collection that roars perfection, and will draw attention no matter which piece you might select.