Chanel Premiere, Possibly the Best Ladies Watch of 2013

When looking for a timepiece that exudes fashion and impeccable precision, look no further than the Chanel Premiere, possibly the best ladies watch of 2013. When you see the new timepiece you immediately thing attractive, and the pedigree is of course untouched, as is the remarkable design. The most amazing fact of this timepiece is that it is not really new, it is just re-engineered, and re-introduced.

The story of this excellent timepiece began in Paris at none other than the Place Vendome, a high end luxury shopping area that is home to a variety of exciting and interesting hangouts. The brand, also based in Paris, has used the Place Vendome as a key shape in many of its designs, including the cap of the famous fragrance No. 5. Now the brand uses the design for the shape of the case on this exquisite timepiece.

hanel Premiere, Possibly the Best Ladies Watch of 2013

The design was carefully crafted so that the brand would easily come to mind, and also the romantic city. This concept immediately allows images to be easily visualized and draws people in, capturing the essence that the brand expresses in so many pieces. Classic design is just one element of the Chanel Premiere. The brand has helped to breathe new life in this timepiece with simple changes that make it more esthetically pleasing.

The timepiece design features the rectangular shaped watch, whose case is shaped like a beautiful baguette-cut stone, and only slightly larger than the original design. The inner working of this timepiece is equipped with a special flying tourbillon movement produced by Renaud & Papi. An ongoing relationship between the brand and Audemars Piguet is evident with this piece, and the others that carefully protect the specialty movement crafted by the designer.

hanel Premiere, Possibly the Best Ladies Watch of 2013

Earning numerous awards, the Chanel Premiere is one of those timepieces that everyone wants, but only few can have. The price and exclusivity of the timepieces certainly make it recognized in the horological circles, and gives the brand one amazing timepiece. While the timepiece is adorned in diamonds, it is not blingy, and doesn't distract at first glance.

Showcased in a brilliant 18k white gold case, the 37mm timepiece is striking, with 3.9 carats of diamonds on the bezel alone. The remainder of the case features another 3 carats, and certainly each baguette-cut stone that adorns this case is sparkling and spectacular. The dial is designed with a piece of polished black ceramic, covered with a lovely sapphire crystal and artistic beveled edges. A delicate timepiece that will bring beauty to any ladies wrist, while keeping the precision and accuracy of each and every moment.