Chopard L.U.C Introduces Three High-End Skull Watches At SIAR Mexico 2022

Honor Dia de Los Muertos

Chopard has for a number of years paid homage to Mexican culture by creating a annual timepiece dedicated to the festivities for Day of the Dead.  This year there are some truly exceptional timepieces that honor the Mexican tradition and capture artistry and perfection.  Introducing the three high-end skull watches at SIAR Mexico the brand has presented some designs that show how the Calavera skull symbol can be used endlessly.  Presented for the 2022 collection, the Chopard LUC Full Strike Dia de los Muertos Minute Repeater, the Quattro Spirit 25 Timefour Art Edition and the Skull One Calavera Pop Art watches.  The way the brand embraces the design and hand work that goes into each of these watches is an example of how dedicated they are to horological excellence.

Time Strikes Again

          The LUC Full Strike is known for being one of the best-sounding minute repeater watches ever designed.  Loud and bold, this watch truly has created a one of a kind in harmony and volume for chiming watches.  The team at Chopard worked together to design a movement allowing the hammers strike to connect with a unique monoblock sapphire crystal.  This crystal has been crafted so that the front of the watch becomes a speaker facing out not against the wrist allowing the sound to project and protect.  The craftsmanship of this Chopard LUC Full Strike Dia de los Muertos Minute Repeater is true perfection.  The hammers are blackened to match the Day of the Dead theme, the movement has aspects incorporated into the skull features, like the ratchet wheel that drives the hammer is aligned perfectly to the left eye, and then the finishings and the motifs that create the art work all combine to bring a one of a kind creation.  The 18k white gold case has been masterfuly created from ethically sourced gold, and hand-engraved and blackened details.  The engravers have the highest skills to handle this delicate design and the detailed work to create the Calavera skull is so intricate. The movement has 533 parts, using the LUC 08.01-L which showcases the ingenious engineering that the brand patented.

Uno Dos Quattro

          Chopard is significant to create one masterpiece of these designs, but to deliver 3 is more than amazing.  The LUC Quattro Spirit 25 TimeForArt Edition is even more a one of a kind design crafted in 18k rose gold and has a stand alone personality with just one hand reaching the dial.  The jumping hour complication inside this beauty is made possible by the LUC 98.06-L caliber a movement with four barrels and of course the namesake.  The engineering for this watch was challenging for the mechanical movement, but another example of perfection.  The craftsmanship for this watch is unbelievable, carved by hand, the dial is constructed from two main parts, featuring a three- dimensional skull that has facial features and decorations inspired by the ‘vanitas theme’.  The base plate, solid gold has hundreds of hand carved individually engraved lines.  The concentric lines pay homage to the sun’s rays that allow the dead to return to the earth.  Satin brushed with fiberglass the Calavera shines bright, and the other decorations are all hand-polished using boxwood sticks that have been coated with polishing paste.  Each of the flower petals are given a shine using diamond pate, and the engravers coat the surface of the dial with a very thin layer of silver, then it is oxidized to blacken the halos or enhance the patterns.  The meticulous efforts, and patience that is required when creating these designs is remarkable.   Limited editions of 25 pieces for both of these timepieces is understood, and this piece is part of the TimeForArt event, with proceeds supporting the world’s most visionary artists.

Skill and Skulls

          The third watch in this collection was inspired by the symbol associated with the annual Day of the Dead festival, the Clavera Skull.  This limited edition 25 piece watch is the center of the designs capturing the creativity and imagination of this pop art Mexican Calavera, visualized by the Chopard artists and embracing the bold colors in the skull motif, with blue, red, orange, yellow, green and creating a work of art.  The brand logo has even been creatively placed to become one of the motifs and the dial is the perfect combination and contrast to the black DLC coated stainless steel case.  Elegant and comfortable, the Chopard Skull One Calavera Pop Art has a case that is 7.2mm in total thickness, and powered by the LUC 96-53-L self winding movement that is only 3.3mm thick.  Compact architecture is the heart of this beauty and honors all the pop art festivals that provided the inspiration.

To Die For

          The stunning timepieces that offer you three 25 piece limited chances at owning these impressive watches are a tribute to Day of the Dead, and to the brand, as Chopard delivers the hand carving and painting excellence to make these exquisite and exclusive pieces.