Corum Bubble Watch

It is time for Corum manufacture to bring back the popular timepiece Bubble - a collection of articles originally published in 2000 and played a major role in the modern history of the brand. Over time, the issue of collection Corum Bubble watches has been discontinued, probably due to the fact that the Corum gradually began to lose its mind, releasing several limited edition models of the absurd watches.

Over the past few years, brand has lost the fun side and replaced it with the larger number of elite watches, which is nothing to represent but are willing to be the face of the brand. Last year Corum released the model Chronograph Tourbillon 47 Seafender. Later, the brand decided to place double tourbillon into Admiral's Cup timepiece. Therefore, enthusiasts have embraced very rapidly the return of the Bubble Corum model.

The model come back at a decent price. In fact, despite some minor changes and the size of the body, which was increased to 47 mm wide, in contrast to the previous 45 mm, Model 2015 Corum Bubble is very similar to the model that manufacture Corum decided to stop releasing. Moreover, although the body is larger (and gives the impression of a huge) with a model wearing Bubble Corum looks much smaller, with curved strap and the body that ensures a perfect fit on the wrist.

Taking the above into account, based on the name "Bubble" you can imagine that the clock size is kind of thick. Sapphire crystal has a thickness of 8 mm, and the entire timepiece Corum Bubble has a thickness of 18.8 mm, but the watch looks just great.

Corum brand got the original idea for the model prototype of the Bubble Corum watches for divers, which are designed for extreme depths.. The thickness of the glass distorted face, and Corum played a little with this and created the hands and hour indices in the style of a "bubble" that look interesting with little distortion. This was made possible thanks to the rounded edges, which also gives the watch a funny, almost cartoonish look that attracts many people. The dial and the shape of the body with a model did Corum Bubble one of the original "fun" high-end timepieces. It’s quite possible that the Corum Bubble collection needed a break before returning of loud.

In order to revive the Corum Bubble model, there are three models, two of which are made in a limited edition. We have to admit, these models are beautiful. All new 2015 Corum Bubble uses the same mechanism as the Corum earlier in their previous models of hours Corum Bubble with three hands, Caliber CO 0082 (base - Automatic Swiss ETA 2892). Caliber CO 0082 was skeletonized model released are not limited edition, thus reviving the model Corum Bubble Skeleton. Unlike older models Corum Bubble Skeleton, the new model Skeleton has slightly different design with skeleton bridges.

Issued in a limited edition, two watches Corum Bubble 2015 are chasy Corum Bubble ALL Black PVD-coated, in the case of black steel, as well as watches Corum Bubble Vintage PVD-coated, steel body bronzing. Each of the two models produced in a limited edition, will consist of a total of 350 copies. More good news about the cost of that quite welcome for the models produced in a limited edition (even in comparison with the prices of original watches Corum Bubble, available for sale) watches are offered at a reasonable price - 3  425 $ for models Corum Bubble All Black and Corum Bubble Vintage, and at a very high price - 8 300 $ for non – limited model Corum Bubble Skeleton.