Corum’s Admiral’s Cup - The Legend

A Tribute to the Legacy of Rene Bannwart

There are few entrepreneurs who have persisted through decades of economic cycles with such elegance and dedication as the late Rene Bannwart. With fifteen years of watchmaking experience and a passion to design and create uniquely stylish models, Rene built Corum with his uncle Gaston Ries in 1955. Rene was known for his attention to detail and artistic qualities which gave birth to some of the most sporty, extreme, classy, and elegant watches. Corum is famous for many styles of watches including the Golden tube model, Admiral’s Cup, and the Coin Watch. While each model has various styles and designs, all share the dedicated craftsmanship that Corum is famous for.

Luxurious Features of Corum Watches

There are dozens and dozens of unique watches produced by Corum that are likely to catch the attention of just about anyone interested in luxury watches. While the designs and aesthetic appeal of the watches is surely impressive, there are many practical features as well:
  • - Quartz Movement - For certain styles, battery operated movement ensures accuracy and low-maintenance. Perfect for watches worn daily.
  • - Automatic Movement - This type of watch operates without batteries and depends on the movement of the wearer’s arm for its winding. While this style will still require winding every few weeks, it is perfect for those interested in going green.
  • - Water Resistant - Many of Corum’s watches are water resistant ranging from 50 meters to 300 meters in the extreme Admiral’s cup brand.

Admiral’s Cup - A Style for Every Taste

Admiral’s Cup boasts over a dozen different models with half a dozen style options to choose from. This elegant but simple model has many different features for different lifestyles ranging from sporty, to classic, to extreme. Below are examples of two unique and interesting specialty Admiral’s Cup watches:

Admiral’s Cup Seafender 46 Dive and Chrono Dive

The Seafender 46 Dive and Chrono Dive watches are designed specifically with the adventurous soul in mind. This model boasts a water resistance of up to 300 meters under water making it perfect for scuba and deep sea divers.

Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 and 38

The Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 and Legend 38 watches are new classy additions to the Admiral’s Cup line designed to capture the legacy of the brand itself. These legendary watches are described by Corum as a "classic new line for legendary connection". Perfect for individuals who prefer sporty classic watches. This is but a small sample of the Admiral’s Cup and Corum watches that have given the brand its reputation for quality and design. Some other lines under Admiral’s Cup include the competition, chronograph, the challenge, centro, and many more.