Cvstos Challenge Jet-Liner Men's Watch

Cvstos is a brand that has always brought passion and innovation to the front of their designs. The innovation from this brand is not only on the technical front, but also on the aesthetic front, looking for new challenges in the horological world, and also drawing on their expertise and excellence of previous experience. This latest masterpiece, the Challenge Jet-Liner Men’s Watch blends perfect harmony of the brand’s image and innovative nature. This new model is a fusion of applied techniques, combining the exquisite craftmanship and master design technology to deliver this remarkable timepiece. The casing inlaid with a carbon fibre material, a material weaved so fine that it is only equaled in the aeronautical industry. Hugging the shape of the case, the handmade meticulous design could only be compared to a master cabinetmaker who cuts and shapes wood by hand. The carbon on this timepiece has been inlaid and then manually lacquered to the highest degree of excellence. Cvstos worked tirelessly on this designs for the Challenge Jet-Liner Men’s Watch to create a masterpiece. The carbon fibre material was cut with a laser to prevent the fraying and to be able to give each component a perfect geometry and fit. The craftsmen then inlaid each of these components by hand as they manual coated seven layers of lacquer and then fired in ovens in a controlled atmosphere to insure perfection. The timepiece casing was then leveled by means of a robotic process and then finished with a final manual polish. The very strategic chronological order of these processes is what allowed the brand to craft this finish, the exact fusion of materials for the resulting perfection. Cvstos took their inspiration for this model from luxury at the highest level, and have once again left their impact on Swiss Haute Horlegerie. The brand name is taken directlly from the Latin for ‘guardian’ and each step they have taken is one of creativity and talent. They produce one of a kind timepieces and this latest Challenge Jet-Liner Men’s Watch is no exception. The design embraces the modern concepts, and blends the perfect balance of traditional watchmaking with state of the art innovation. They continue to always be a step ahead and set a benchmark for others to follow. Looking elegant and elite with this model on your wrist, you continue to lead fashion to the highest standards.