Damiani - 91 years of art

Masterpieces of Damiani jewelry have been worn by such world movie stars as Isabella Rossellini, Sophia Loren and Sharon Stone. This is the only jewelery brand in the world that has received eighteen awards Diamond International Awards. That is why the company continues to keep the brand and to surprise us with unimaginable designs.

In 2014 Damiani company celebrated its ninety anniversary, which was dedicated to the new collection of jewelry inspired by each of the nine decades of brand existence. The collection was released in limited quantities, making it more expensive and desirable for the true fans of Damiani.

Damiani company has a very rich history. No one would deny that jewelry is the oldest human inventions, which remains popular and in demand so far. People wore rings, necklaces and bracelets tens of thousands years ago. Damiani uses for manufacturing its jewelry only conflict-free gems from certified vendors. Most of diamonds company receives from South Africa and the rest stones - from Canada and Russia.

Damiani delight us with their bright colors, striking design and craftsmanship of the highest quality. Each piece of jewelry from the brand is still created by hand, just as it was in 1924, when the company was founded. Three generations of the Damiani family led the famous Italian jewelry company to international success and recognition. It was founded it in 1924 in Valenza, Grazie Enrico Damiani created jewelry in classic style for members of the upper class in Italy. Since that time Damiani became a brilliant representative of the jewelery market by creating sets with diamonds that receive awards so far. The company uses traditional technology and features a special Italian flair for design creation.

One of Damiani collection was created under the influence of marine life. The smooth movement of jellyfish masters managed to pass with the help of a huge number of vultures, decorated with sapphires all shades of blue and ending with white diamonds. Necklaces from this collection consists of a frame that surrounds the neck and irregularly shaped necks. Jewelry from collection "Medusa" are made of multi-colored gold, fancy diamonds in various shades, brown and white diamonds.

Inspiration for another Damiani jewelry collection has become the world of burlesque. There was created the bracelet in the shape of a corset, fastened on the two chains. Despite its form, it is very soft and easily worn on the arm. Jewelry Collection Carmen transforms unbeatable melodies of opera in a surprisingly beautiful jewelry. The characteristic features of this collection are softness, sensuality, seduction, and even irony. All these qualities are embodied in amazing shades of gemstones and technology. Dark red roses woven together leaves and branches made of polished pink gold, amethysts, pink sapphires and diamonds. Despite the number of stones, necklaces of Collection Carmen almost weightless.

Jewelry from collection Butterfly are made under the impression of lightness and gentle strokes of a butterfly's wings. Necklace decorated with sapphires in colors from yellow to orange, pink to red, from light blue to dark and decorated in various shades of gold: pink, yellow and brown.

One of the latest collections of Damiani - a collection published in 2014 under the name Swan Collection. It was made in the style of "Art Nouveau" and modern. Its distinctive feature - underscore the dark rich colors of precious stones. Through the entire collection can clearly be seen swan theme. Whimsical jewelry design resembles the wings of this noble bird.