Damiani Continues its Expansion into Japan

Japan has seen its fair share of challenges over the years and it has spent a great deal of time and money working to recover its economy. When a country sees a major designer of luxury jewelry such as Damiani decide to expand its presence, then that is normally a good sign for things to come. Damiani had nine locations in Japan, but it only had one flagship store and that was in Tokyo. Damiani recently made a significant investment in its Japanese presence by opening a second flagship store in Osaka. This makes a total of ten Damiani stores in Japan, and the market for the Italian-made jewelry only seems to be growing.

Damiani, boutique Tokyo

The Damiani name has been synonymous with Italian quality jewelry since the first shop opened in 1924. The company has been selling hand-crafted rings, bracelets and other precious metal items for years, but it has only recently shown an interest in expanding outside of Italy with its flagship retail stores. People have purchased custom wedding jewelry from Damiani and other custom pieces for decades. While the company has a very active website, it has been very careful to limit its worldwide retail exposure. That is why this store in Japan is so special.

One line of products that Damiani has become world famous for is its line of luxury timepieces. Where other companies will work hard to design watches that combine luxury and functionality, Damiani makes no apologies for creating extremely luxurious watches. These are watches for men and women, and they are all crafted using precious metals and lined with gemstones. The Eden line of women’s watches are watches made of silver and completely lined with large diamonds from the bezel of the watch all the way up and down the watch wristband. It is a stunning piece, and it is just one example of what Damiani offers in its line of luxury watches.

The Damiani line includes rings, bracelets, chains and watches for men and women. The new flagship store in Osaka relies on an Earth-tone Mediterranean feel to accent all of the designer pieces of jewelry for sale. The store is a stark contrast to the other high-end retail stores in the area, and it offers Damiani a strong presence in this growing Japanese market. Damiani offers pieces done in gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals for a variety of occasions. This new flagship store is expected to strengthen Damiani’s hold on the Japanese luxury market.