De Grisogono Jewelry

Traditions With a firm foundation in Geneva and dating back to the rise of the Renaissance, High Jewellery tradition has always been magical. The imagination and passion that comes together for goldsmiths and jewelers, bringing trades together, creating unique pieces and striking emotions is what these craftsmen were born for. Centuries before true jewelers were established magnificence began, and then shared generation to generation, learning and acquiring new craftsmanship, perfecting traditions, ateliers like De Grisogono established themselves in the high jewellery world.   Inspiration Drawing inspiration from a gemstone, creating a design from a vision, and then bringing them all together is how beautiful jewelery is crafted. The brand focuses on turning those inspirations to reality. The first thing a designer does is sketch the idea, so that an atelier can craft the three dimensional piece. Taking precious metal, mounting each stone with precision, carefully taking a process to create not only something unique, but also something exquisite. De Grisogono’s jewellery is a quest for excellence, a journey that only reaches climax with the final masterpiece.   Magnificence Creating jewellery collections is done by many, but not with the dedication to elegance and opulence that De Grisogono provides. The quality of the stones, the design and craftsmanship that is inherent in each piece, and the unique exclusive jewellery that results in each vision. Collections that have graced the world from the brand include: Allegra, Boule, Chiocciola, Matassa, Melody of Colours, and a magnitude of others. Fawaz Gruosi’s visions turned into reality are what set this brand apart from mere jewellery makers. The amazing pieces that are crafted for exclusive clients around the world, and such desire to be one of those lucky women. Capturing the spirit and passion one has and being able to translate that to a ring, or an earring, or any piece of jewelry is magnificence at the highest level. Earrings, pendants, rings and more, the total art that De Grisogono jewellery brings to the world is spectacular and breathtaking. Each piece a gift that graces the individual and something everyone desires.