De Grisogono Otturatore Watch

Simple, sophisticated, and quite complex, the De Grisogono Otturatore Watch is a four faced mechanical timepiece that showcases never before seen innovation. The world of horological magnificence has exploded with the release of this timepiece. The dial features one complication at a time, while the squared patented proprietary movement houses four complications that are revealed alternatively by utilizing a sequential mechanism that rotates faster than a person can blink. The brand creation is a tribute to traditional watchmaking while embracing design brilliance.

The timepiece is offered in a steel-cased version, as well as a 18k rose or white gold case, designed with a 45mm wide and 50mm tall case, the square timepiece is about 16mm thick and certainly will be quite a weight on the wrist. While the timepiece is very legible, there are pushers located on the side of the case, similar to what is on traditional chronograph pushers, but these are used to move the dial window around. This is where the four complications are situated under the dial, allowing them to be viewed one at a time. De Grisogono worked extensively on this timepiece and development of this moving dial system providing the illusion that the dial change is almost magical. In actuality there is a mechanism that moves the dial window when the top pusher is engaged it activates the system that rotates the dial window. The timepiece is also equipped with a second mainspring barrel aside from the one for time.

The caliber DR 19-89 is automatic, and is featuring a sub seconds dial, power reserve indicator and moonphase indicator, in addtion to the date. It is hard to believe this is an automatic, and might have you seeking the rotor just to make you believe. The Otturatore Watch dial is textured and perfectly proportioned dauphine style hands that are of course gold to match the cases. The dial is available in silver, ruthenium, black and brown each one quite the compliment to the case.

De Grisogono crafted the timepiece to allow the wearer to change the dial appearance providing a modern and unique look to a beautiful and exquisite watch. The Otturatore watch is luxury on your wrist, providing a unorthodox timepiece that was technically outstanding, and designed with class and elegance. So if you want to create magic on your wrist, start with the illusion you can display to perfection with this timepiece and then let the beauty shine through to take care of the rest.