De Grisogono Zebra Ring

Pushing the boundaries of jewelry design and bringing creative mastery,De Grisogono, graces the world of designer jewelry with brilliance. Fawaz Gruosi, has delivered some of the most extraordinary and desired designs the world has ever known. Created with massive gemstones, outlandish animal rendering and then accented with unbelievable amounts of pave diamonds and gemstones, the jewelry is spectacular. This Zebra Ring is just another distinctive piece, featuring stripes of gold and precious stones, bringing shape to a large dome-shaped ring. The rose gold ring delivers a highly sophisticated asymetric pattern, set in a breathtaking design and sitting on the hand like a queen on a throne. Transcending the boundaries of traditional high end jewelry, these creations breath life into colors and designs that could almost be sculptures. Crafted and carved with a unique and creative touch, the luminous jewelry makes everyone smile. The vibrant colors and stones are set out like a delicious buffet, and from there Gruosi blends and crafts to create the melody of Nature for these exquisite jewelry collections. He also has worked to devleop new materials being used in the brand jewelry creations and has been a pioneer in development and design. Starting in the late 90’s, Gruosi used black diamonds to bring a new focal point to his work, and it wasn’t long after that a majority of other jewelers brought them into all their designs also. De Grisogono, launched timepieces as well as their jewelry lines, and the innovative sides spanned every collection. The jewelry has used milky colored diamonds, and browny brown gold in many pieces, the brand loves the exotic creations and works to impress and mystify us all. Gruosi was born in 1952 and was also driven by work and passion for art. It was no surprise that he combined those loves into his work and when he founded the company with other associates it was not a surprise. Branching out across the globe, the brand continues to grow in popularity and in creativity. The Zebra Ring is exquisite in beauty and striking on the hand. Displaying the creativity of Gruosi, it also captures the exuberant nature of the designs from the brand and how they approach the pieces with no rules, and no conventional restraints. The founders cultural background is infused in this designs, a rich Mediterranean character, driven by purpose and intensity. Never having fear of boundaries, the brand forges ahead a trailblazer in the industry. De Grisogono leaves a mark on every design, jewelry and timepieces clearly showcase the identity of the brand. Independent from any prejudices, the brand looks to creativity and innovative spirit to propel them into the future. When you seek that special piece of jewelry that can set you apart from tradition, then find the Zebra Ring, and put your finger on nature.