Bell & Ross Aviation Collection Soars to Whole New Heights

Bell & Ross was founded in 1922 combining the magnificent talents of Carlos Rosillo and Bruno Belamich. The brand designs timepieces for professionals working in extreme conditions. First created for the French Army and civilian task force, as well as the UN and NATO, these designer watches are crafted with high technology and rugged construction.

The Bell & Ross Aviation Collection soars to whole new heights with the latest releases. The collection previously featured timepieces that were highly masculine, and captured the essence of aeronautics, but these new pieces are more than just new watches, they are flight instruments. Taking a twist on the brand’s BR-01 model, the new additions include the heading indicator, airspeed, and climb instrument recreated on the watch face.

With the introduction of the new pieces, the brand also announced a partnership with Dassault Aviation, creating a high flying deal that showcases the passion for aircraft instruments and aviation. Putting shared values into practice the creation is available in two Vintage Sport Heritage collection versions, BR123 (hours, minutes, seconds) and the BR126 (chronograph). Referencing 50 years of the Dassault Aviations legendary Falcon, the models feature a screen print at six o’clock on both models, limited to 500 pieces.

Bell & Ross Aviation Collection Soars

In the design and manufacturing of the watches, the brand utilizes three discs for the hours, minutes, and seconds. Each disc weighs in at thirty times the standard weight of a hand, pushing the company to develop ultra light materials so they didn’t have to sacrifice precision or alter the power reserve. The square face has been re-created in a more aesthetic version, sleek black matte stainless steel, finished with a thick rubber heavy duty fabric strip. The contemporary kick is the yellow accents; one includes the outline of a plane.

The Bell & Ross Aviation Collection soars to whole new heights with a special six-watch boxed collector’s set, limited to just 99 editions. The customers love the vintage look of the aviator watches from the 40’s, but designed with the contemporary flair. The dial of the very square BR01-92 was crafted with the look of a cockpit dashboard. Each timepiece finds inspiration in aeronautics, and technical brilliance in its own masterful creations.

The brand develops quality and reliability in all their timepieces, coupled with some exquisite design, worldwide appeal continues to grow. If you are looking for a great aviator timepiece, vintage look, and contemporary flair, look no further, this collection has exactly what you seek.