Bell & Ross BR-01 10-th Anniversary

Bell & Ross BR-01 10-th Anniversary

The Bell & Ross brand is relatively young, but, in certain circles it is highly acclaimed and respected. And no wonder - after all exceptionally reliable Swiss watches have always enjoyed well-deserved respect. However, the brand is French itself, but watches are produced in Switzerland (the first models were made by the German manufacturer Sinn), although the straps are originally from Belgium.

Bell & Ross watches are characterized, above all, as watches for the representatives of a wide variety of extreme professions. Available in both mechanical and quartz models, most of which are capable of withstanding a significant overload of accelerations, changes in temperature and pressure.


Most timepieces of this manufacturer resemble dashboard combat vehicle - a simple round dial on the basis of a simple square. These watches are deprived of ornaments (for the most part). One of the important features is the ease of reading information in virtually any environment. Although recently there have been more "domestic" line, a classic design. Collections names correspond to their intended use: BR Instrument (the most popular and extensive), Professional, Classic, Vintage. "Peru," the company owns and model Hydromax, setting a record for the maximum depth of the dive watches - according to the creators, this watch will remain intact at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, at a depth of nearly 11,000 meters (pressure of 1100 atmospheres). However there is one caveat - quartz movement stop working already at 5,000 meters, but the body can really stand this pressure. Achieving this was possible thanks to special watches filling silicone oil which does not interfere with the normal watches work, and is almost impossible to compress. So Hydromax uses quartz movement exactly because of the presence of oil in it.

Bell & Ross Company was established in 1992. It was founded by old friends - designer Bruno Belamishem (Bruno Belamich) and businessman Carlos Rosilo (Carlos A. Rosillo). So the second names of the French were actually the basis for the name of new brand. They created that type and model of watches which have immediately interested NATO and intelligence agencies that determined the fate of the company. The contract with Chanel which was concluded in 1997 also turned out to be a very important move which has acquired a large stake in the company, and made it possible to reach the mass market.


The wacthes BR-01 Bell & Ross Company is obliged to fame and popularity, it is known, above all, for models from this collection. Against the backdrop of thousands of timepieces, they stand round its characteristic rectangular body and a design that serves as a reminder of aircraft instrument panel.

In 2015 the collection of BR-01 celebrating its 10 years anniversary and the company marked the occasion with limited edition release of BR-01 10-th Anniversary. These watches are very simple: they dial only three arrows, and set in motion, they are the most ordinary of the mechanisms used by the brand - automatic BR-CAL.302. That model applies to special series only speaks corresponding medallion on the dial and engraved on a steel housing cover.


Despite the fact that the lid at the clock steel, 46 mm case is not made of steel, as a very first BR-01, and of matt black ceramic, so that, unlike metal housings with a PVD-coated, the corners are not covered with balding, arising from abrasion and PVD watches are always black.

The model is released in a limited edition of 500 copies. It is made with the rubber belt, plus the bundle includes a textile strap. Price is around 4200 Euro.