Brand Rolex in China

The luxury watch market in the booming economy of China was already a large one. But now there is a new entrant in the field and its none other than Swiss luxury watch maker Rolex! As a matter of fact Rolex has officially built its ‘home` in the stately House of Roosevelt, located at number 27 on the Bund in Shanghai. So the authentic Rolex experience has now come to China.

The Rolex luxury watch showroom in Shanghai occupies more than 800 square meters of land with the show windows on the ground floor facing towards the Bund. In the highly competitive luxury watch market of China, Rolex has now created a platform to demonstrate the Swiss brand`s legacy, superiority, and philosophy. This is truly a brand engagement of sorts.

The luxury watch showroom christened ‘The Rolex Experience` is an invitation to discover the magic and splendor of the prestigious Swiss watch brand through a fascinating, interactive experience. The beautifully adorned designer space offers buyers and visitors an opportunity to discover and rediscover the brand, its history, its actual roots, its present market repute and its vision of the future. The space has been sub divided into three segments: The Heart of Rolex, The Pulse of Rolex, and The Gallery.

The Heart of Rolex is the first stop of The Rolex Experience. It is a space unveiling the essence of the famous brand with the crown in six parts: Heritage, Four Sites for Perfection, The Oyster, Performance, Partnerships and The Rolex Institute (that represents the brand's philanthropic and non commercial activities)

The Pulse of Rolex has been designed to lodge thematic temporary exhibitions, to receive partners and celebrities from the worlds of culture, sport or exploration, and also to host exclusive presentations of Rolex's most recent models, including the ones from Baselworld.

Rolex Rolex

The last stop of The Rolex Experience is The Gallery that has a warm and inviting salon bringing together different worlds of luxury watches, a veritable jewel case devoted to luxury, technology and refinement.

Through stylistic architecture and superior technology implementation, The Rolex Experience offers visitors excellent opportunities to participate in an amazing interactive experience and there lies the knowledge, values and emotions of the luxury watch maker.


All watch lovers must experience the Rolex world in Shanghai - it`s indeed a royal journey through 'time'!