Jacob & Co. Astronomia Triple Axis Gravitational Tourbillon

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Triple Axis Gravitational Tourbillon – is watch with a stunning panoramic view of the starry sky and triaxial tourbillon. In 2014, the brand has represented the model Astronomia Tourbillon, equipped with three axis tourbillon. This year, the ensemble of the astronomical clock, it was decided to add a three-dimensional display of sidereal time, which are side by side sky map and a day / night indicator. Designed in the form of sky dial Astronomia Sky makes a complete revolution in the interval equal to the stellar year (sidereal year - the time during which the Earth makes a complete revolution around the sun relative to the stars). Actually, the very "sky" made of blue titanium grade 5, and to complete the picture is decorated with stars of the 18-carat white gold and engraved with the hand signs of the zodiac.

Directly under the dial is an indicator, which is a map of the starry sky of the Northern Hemisphere. This subdial makes a complete revolution for the time interval equal to the sidereal day (the time during which the Earth makes one revolution around its axis - approximately 23.560916 hours).

Dial closed glass hemisphere, under which all the details can be seen as modular design. In the center of the structure is set manually engraved globe lacquered titanium. The ball rotates around its own axis under the protection tinted dome sapphire crystal, symbolizing day and night. The rotational speed of the ball - one full revolution every 20 minutes.

With the same speed and turns itself modular design, at one end of which is a three-axis tourbillon. The rotational speed of the tourbillon on different axes as follows: 60 seconds around the first axis 5 minutes - about 20 minutes, and the second - about a third.

The upper part of the space of the composition takes a small dial with indication of hours and minutes. Due to the differential system, hour indexes are always arranged vertically, allowing you to accurately read hourly readings in the usual user direction clockwise.

The third "companion" of the Earth in an unusual hour ensemble became the orbital light seconds - openwork titanium wheel makes a complete revolution around its axis in 60 seconds. The fourth satellite - orange sapphire faceting «Jacob Cut», sparkling facets 288, which also makes a complete revolution around its axis in 60 seconds, around the dial - in 20 minutes, respectively.

Managed with this miracle micromechanics allow special rings mounted on the back of the timepiece. The first ring is for setting the time and display day / night, and the second - maintains operation of the mechanism. Customize sidereal time and adjust the map view of the starry sky is possible by means of gears, which are also located on the back side of the model.

For the well-coordinated work of all the functions in this watch meets manufactory caliber JCAM11, equipped with manual winding. The mechanism of 40 mm consists of 395 titanium parts, assembled on 42 jewels and works with a balance frequency of 21,600 pc / h, with its 60-hour power reserve.

Housing Astronomia Sky is made of 18-carat pink gold and has 47 mm in diameter. The face of the housing is closed, domed sapphire crystal. The case back is also made of beautiful rose gold. Water resistant case – is 30 meters. Watches are invited to wear alligator strap fitted with a folding clasp in rose gold. The model is limited by 18 numbered copies.